So by now you'll have got the gist of these lists; I look for Airbnbs that I think have that 'je ne sais quoi' about them. They're not always smart, but they probably always fall into that charming bracket. This list is a little shorter as they are all properties that have availability in August. I am sure many of you have organised your holidays already, but for those of you who haven't, this might offer up some inspiration / more houses to nose around, which is, of course, Tat's favourite pass time.


Beautiful Cotswold Village house, Oxfordshire, Sleeps 8, £695

So this is expensive. I suggest getting a gang of eight adults together. Otherwise, you are going to have to shoulder the cost for those grubby children. Other than that, I think this is a real beauty of a place and happens to be a twenty-minute drive from The Lamb Inn, which I am very keen to try!


Charming 4-bedroom detached house near Frome, Sleeps 8, £265 per night (7 night minimum)

We hate playing favourites over here at Tat, but between me, you and the lampost, this is mine. So much so I even considered not sharing it. I know the fact that I don't have two pounds to rub together is neither here nor there. I just didn't want anyone else to enjoy it. Hey ho, my angle side won out, and here it is—a joy for the peepers.


Stunning luxury farmhouse Nr the Brecon Beacons, Sleeps 8, £314 per night.

We spent a glorious week in Scotland last year, and I truly believe it is where my heart feels most at home. This place looks like it could make the most fervent city dweller feel at home, simply done & surrounded by the most glorious landscape - what more could you want?


Beautiful, relaxed family farmhouse, Sleeps 8, £480 per night.

Long lunches in this garden are what summer days are made for. Apart from the appeal of the house, I am very taken with Somerset at the mo. Near this place, you have Barrington Court, Barrington Pottery & the Old Dairy Cafe which looks like a place to get your fix on pancakes.


Church House Cottage, Sidestrand, North Norfolk, Sleeps 4, £355 Per Night.

A 17th Century cottage by the coast, this is an ideal set-up for a weeks holiday. I only know how wonderful Norfolk is due to one of my great friends living there. If you are yet to discover the wonders of the Norfolk coast, I'd get yourself Sidestrand tout suite!


Tudor Romance, nr Bath, Sleeps 16, £1,055 Per Night.

Again, I apologise. This is expensive, but in my defence, it does look like a belter of a place. It sleeps 16, so hopefully, that will dilute the price a little. It also is near Bristol and has the option of popping off to the beach for the day. So pack your bucket and spade and pop off to Portishead.


11 The Green - 17th Century Historic Townhouse, Kent, Sleeps 4, £160 Per Night.

A home from home, well, actually a better-looking home from my home. They have made this a lovely little number to go and spend your holidays in. It's in the heart of Westerham, where you can treat yourself to lovely walks, a gawp at a National Trust house and The Italian Shop, which sells fresh pizza, pasta and cannolis! What are you still doing reading this - go go go!


Large family holiday just seconds from the beach - Oldestairs House, Sleeps 8, £451 Per Night.

We all need a bit of colour in our lives, and thankfully this house is here to provide it! The house is large and beautiful, you have a private garden at your disposal, and best of all, you are within walking distance from the Zetland Arms. A charming pub at sits on Kingsdown Beach, perfect for sunset pints!


Entire Charming Dungeness Beach Cottage, Sleeps 4, £151 Per Night.

I believe it would be good for the soul to stay somewhere as charming as this place. Those green windowsills next to that pink wall make my heart bounce. Not to mention that pink bathroom suite with the checkered floor, you're killing me! One last thing to note, this pink palace is a short walk from the renowned Snack Shack, which is known for its exquisite fresh, sustainably caught fish and seafood. This has holiday written all over it!


Faded Decadence, Morwenstow, Sleeps 10, £342 Per Night.

Going out with a bang! This place currently has no bookings in August. For 2021 that's basically a miracle. This house is just what I want from a holiday home; relaxed, not overly decorated, room for lots of card games, lunches and most importantly naps. It also seems to be surrounded by the most glorious countryside. If you go please let me know!


Charming 18th Century Cottage, Sleeps 5, £420 Per Night

Last but by no means least, Alexandra Tolstoy's beautiful Oxford home. So beautiful in fact it has been on the pages of House & Garden. Nice to have a holiday and get inspiration for ones own home at the same time!


Good luck and happy holidays!