Last year I did a round-up of the best Airbnbs in the UK. I had such a lovely response to this piece that I decided to do it again. Who the hell knows what will happen this year, but I hope that at some point in 2021 I will not be on the North End Road. One can but dream.

For the previous article click here, so many great places. For other rental companies, please take a look at my Vogue article. I'll just wait for you to pick up on the fact that I wrote for Vogue. Got it? Ok, I will carry on with Part Deux (and she speaks French) of the Airbnb Round UP!


1) Cumbria, 1 Bedroom and a bunk bed, from £85 per night.

For those of you in budding romances, this could be the place for you. For those of you who have probably spent 99.9% of the time with your partner, perhaps somewhere a little bigger would suit. Either way, I think we can all appreciate the time and energy put into making this look completely wonderful.


2) Hexham, 3 Bedrooms, From £105 per night.

This getaway is sophisticated while also being warm. It has three bedrooms, all of which is a hefty size and beautiful to boot. The rooms look on to meadows. My bedroom looks directly on to a brick wall, so this would be a welcome upgrade.


3) Scotland, Crieff, 2 Guests, 1 Bedroom, from £125 per night, 2-night minimum.

This one bedroom dream getaway has a very romantic bath situation and dream view from the bedroom. Georgia, the owner, is so good at this Airbnb business that one of her properties featured in the original Airbnb list. A couple of knockouts right there.


4) North Pennines, 2 Guests, 1 Bedroom, from £85 per night

So you may feel that the design of this place feels familiar, well you'd be right! The same person owns it as number two, Maxine. She is a whizz at mixing antiques with high street and coming up trumps. Apart from everything else this place sounds like it is situated perfectly for a little downtime 'The Allen Valleys offers a break from city life, has an abundance of birdlife by day, with truly dark, star-filled skies by night.'


5) Kent, 2 - 5 guests, 1 Bedroom, from £62 per night

Would I like to live in a Regency townhouse? Yes, I would. Is it ever going to happen? No. But what I can do is take myself away to stay in this delightful apartment in The Isle of Sheppey. As I adore this house's decoration, I could easily pretend it was mine for the weekend. Please pay special attention to the 'serving hatch', a feature I very much enjoy.


6) Suffolk, Sleeps 4 (Studio), From £80 per night

'A Nissen hut is a prefabricated steel structure, made from a half-cylindrical skin of corrugated steel. Originally designed during World War I by engineer and inventor Major Peter Norman Nissen, it was used extensively during World War II.' People are brilliant, aren't they? What a wonderfully unique place to go and put up your feet.


7) Somerset, 2 Bedrooms, 2 - 8 guests, from £220 per night.

So this place has got all the bells and whistles, well my type of bells whistles. If you are looking for TV's coming out of the floors and six-man hot tubs, this isn't for you. But if you are looking for charming rooms with homely touches and a lot of space, this place could be just what you are looking for.


8) Kent, 1 Bedroom, Sleeps 2, from £150 per night.

So I am trying to widen my vocabulary for your sake as well as mine, but when it comes to this, I have to say it is bloody charming. You are staying in a mill, it is superbly decorated and has a sister space that is just as beautiful. My idea of a perfect holiday is staying near friends not with them, so this place is ideal.


9) Winchester, 2 Bedrooms, Sleeps 3, From £105 per night.

Exquisite surroundings, a pub in walking distance and delightful interiors, well this place has got it all. It is an hour from London so perfect for a quick escape & breakfast is provided, race you there!


10) Stroud, 4 Bedrooms, Sleeps 10, from £370 per night

If you have children, then this could be the place for you. It has bunk beds galore as well as some bonny non-bunk bedrooms. It also has an excellent courtyard which is the perfect place for long summer lunches. It sits between Stroud & Nailsworth, which I can tell you from first-hand experience is a tremendous place to be. Strouds farmers market is jammed packed with exceptionally delicious food.


11) Bath, 9 Guests, 5 Bedrooms, From £350 Per Night

You may recognise Bath from being the backdrop of every period drama known to man. You would be wrong to write it off as a Location Scouts dream. It has far more to recommend itself, excellent pubs, fantastic vintage shops and this absolute beauty of a place to stay.


12) Devon, 7 Guests, 4 Bedrooms, From £288 Per Night.

What sold this place to me was its setting. If you get one of those weeks in England when the sun shines, the bird's tweet and life feels wonderful; you'd be hard pushed to find a better place to spend it than here.


13) Dorset, 9 Guests, 4 Bedrooms, From £585 Per Night

So if you do head down to Dorset, can you let the owners know that I will happily take this house off their hands - absolutely no charge. It looks very much like my 'One Day Home', but I suppose I could settle for a week or two. The idea of playing cards while sipping on a dry sherry keeps me warm at the minute (simultaneously making me realise I have become my grandmother).


14) Rye, 4 Guests, 2 Bedrooms, From £101 Per Night

This expertly converted stable is a real charmer of a place. Its got a superb open plan sitting room, kitchen and dining room which opens up to a terrific little front garden: all this and the opportunity to busy yourself in Rye.


15) Suffolk, 8 Guests, 4 Bedrooms, from £215 Per Night.

This place is well decorated while not being fussy. There is more than enough space for papers, Monopoly & several cups of tea to all go one simultaneously. It also happens to be around 5 minutes walk from the closest beach. There's not a lot that I don't love about this place.