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Layla Notting Hill Baker
Layla Notting Hill Bakery

Layla Bakery Booked For A Private Party
Layla Set For A Private Party In The Summer

Two months shy of their first birthday, Layla has taken Notting Hill by storm. Considering that Notting Hill is not short of an independent coffee shop or two, it is pretty impressive that Layla has made such a mark in a relatively short time.Tessa, who founded the Layla last year, tells me how their bakery is the key to this popularity. They bake all their sourdough on-site, which means they become a destination for many in the area and beyond. They've even been named Conde Nast Traveller & Elle magazine as one of the best bakeries in London. Added to the fact that their range of pastries looks terrific while also tasting divine, you've got yourself a bit of a winner. One final thing to note, you can rent out the whole place for parties. I know that seems like an odd way to end this little write-up, but I always imagine parties, and Layla is an excellent backdrop for those daydreams.


When did Layla open?

We opened in March last year, just as we were coming out of a lockdown- it felt quite surreal ending our first year heading back in that direction.

What is your favourite thing on the menu?

Ooooo very easy. Pain au Chocolat every time. Our head baker, Nelson, has created such a delicious and elaborate menu but the PAC is still my go-to.

What makes Layla so special?

The energy, which comes from our very talented and inspiring team and our wonderfully loyal customers.

What made you choose Notting Hill?

I adore the Golborne Road community; being a local resident myself I have always been surprised that there is a lack of genuine independent bakeries in the area and wider West London, where everything is made on-site and baked fresh each morning - so it was an obvious choice for me.








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