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I arrived in Bath on a cold January evening. I had checked into my hotel and was furiously hungry (I am always hungry). As I was on my own, I had booked an early dinner at the OAK, it was a 15-minute walk from where I was staying. I set out; the evening was crisp, and I had the delights of Bob Mortimer's autobiography playing in my ears. I am not sure there could be a better dinner companion. He was interrupted by two men speaking to me. I took my headphones out. One was complimenting my coat. It's a very fine coat and gets a lot of compliments, so I said thank you, blushed and was about to tell him where it was from until his friend told me that the former had been 'taking the piss'. I blushed further and hurried on my way.

Bob and I walked through the back streets of Bath until we happened upon the OAK. There are few things better than walking into an inviting restaurant on a cold winters night. Not only does the OAK have my sort aesthetic, relaxed, not overly decorated put entirely charming, it also has delightful waiters who were very welcoming. They sat me at the bar in the front window. I would have looked quite mad; my headphone being very discreet would make one look like they were finding myself extremely funny. Which I usually do, but this time it was all Bob.

I started my meal with spiced almonds and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. The OAK specialises in sharing plates, so it's tough to whittle down what you will have when you are one person. I decided on -

Seared Hispi with Caramelised Apple and Crispy Cabbage, £7.45

Braised Leeks with Whipped Ricotta and Sweet Mustard, £9.25

I was also lucky enough to get to taste the -

Pumpkin Agnolotti with Sage Cream Sauce and Pangrattatoas, they'd made too much and kindly offered me a taste. I ate the whole thing leaving half a piece so I wouldn't feel so greedy - a purely superficial gesture.

All three things were terrific, but my favourite had to be the leeks. It was my perfect dish, and I would have hated to share it.

I strongly suggest going to the OAK, it felt like I had treated myself. As if I'd gone for a massage, but instead, I had eaten superb food joined by Bob Mortimer.



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