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Photo courtesy of Shoreditch Design Rooms

Earlier this year I attended a painting course at The Art Academy, which was brilliant. Learning from fine artist Natasha Lien, the 10-week course comprised of multiple studies, including tonal, still-life and portrait painting. Practising techniques and challenging each of us attending the course to paint better, the Monday evening course was two and a half hours of uninterrupted creative time.

I then attended the hand-built ceramics course at The Art Academy and realised that not only was I really enjoying the experience, but I was also learning a useful skill and could attempt to make something original for my home (and I really mean attempt!) My candelabra is slightly wonky, but it's charming, unique and has found its forever home on my dining table.

We all know that finding something original or unique for our homes can often come with a large price tag, so learning to create something yourself may just be the route to go. Here are some great short courses to enjoy:


£260 for the weekend

This in-depth weekend long workshop is taught by expert wood turner and technician Enrique Melin. During the course, you'll learn the structure and safe use of lathes with various tools. Learning about materials and how to prepare and mount them, you'll also be able to take home a beautiful assortment of finished hardwood objects at the end of the weekend.

Photo courtesy of Blackhorse Workshop


£145 per person

Explore Indian block printing at Louisa Loakes workshop in Peckham. The workshop includes carving a linoleum block design, which you'll use to explore and develop your own pattern repeat, which you'll be able to take home with you at the end of the session.

Photo courtesy of Louisa Loakes


£970 per person

The Shoreditch Design Rooms offer many great courses, including caning, hand-stitched lampshades, and this upholstery course. Over 18 weeks you'll bring your own project to the course, learning the tips and techniques of the art of upholstery.

Photo courtesy of Shoreditch Design Rooms


£160 per person

With no previous experience needed, this one-day course will introduce you to the basics of metal fabrication in order to build your metal and birch plyood stool for you to take home with you. Led by experienced metal fabricator and designer, Richard Evans, metalwork: studio stool workshop.

Photo courtesy of Blackhorse Workshop


£45 per person

Enjoy excellent cookery classes from the Migrateful chefs and learn authentic and delicious recipes from all over the world. Migrateful was started out of a need to help refugees and migrants in the UK by empowering and supporting them to run their own cookery classes.

Photo courtesy of Migrateful


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