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Out & About - Sit Down & Scroll
Out & About - Sit Down & Scroll

  • We must all have a fondness for mobiles, one of the first toys we had any interaction with. I have yet to shake my attachment for them, which is a thoroughly good thing as now I have fallen deeply in love with Max Simon's creations.

  • I listen to a lot of Podcasts. Unfortunately, most of them are news-related, so I never have that many fun suggestions for people. That being said I, I have just started Rory Stewarts & Alastair Campbell's podcast, The Rest Is Politics, which has been an enjoyable listen. Coming from different sides of the political arena, it is satisfying to hear a nuanced, honest reflection of their own party and each others. It's the sort of conversation that I dream would go on in the House of Commons.

  • My preferred bedding is always white. I don't enjoy patterned bedding, boring, I know, but I find clean white sheets one of life's little pleasures. All that being said, these beauties from Ilinka Collection have really turned my head.

  • These socks by Comme Si, embody life's little pleasures. I wish someone had told me that the older you get, the bigger the kick you get from socks. So if we stick to this theory, these socks might be the best gift to buy for anyone over the age of thirty.

  • Couples on the Pimlico Road - A week or two ago, I was lucky to be asked to visit the Cox London showroom on Pimlico Road. It's spectacular. Genuinely jaw-dropping. But the other astonishing thing is the couple behind Cox London, Chris and Nicola. Not only have they built this exciting, adventurous, inspiring business, but they've also done it while married. Its an impressive feat and made more so by the fact that on the same stretch of road, you have Russell Pinch and Oona Bannon from Pinch and Charlotte and Will Freemantle from Jamb (forgive me if I have missed any others) - three couples (at least) who are making huge waves in the interiors industry.

(Cox London Showroom, Pinch Showroom, Jamb Showroom)

  • This is just a quick one; you, like me, might have walked past Lola's Cupcakes outlets, usually in stations and such. I've never given them much thought before. But I ordered a cake for my father's birthday and it was delicious. Strawberries and raspberries are mixed into the chocolate gnash. Far too big for six, but I can safely say it found a good home over the next few days. No minute was too early for a spoonful of cake.

  • Emily Mackintosh is the Founder and maker behind the exquisite glassware company Nettle + Tansy. She is based in the Lake District and is hugely inspired by her surroundings. Her glassware straddles both classical and contemporary with an organic feel. An exceptional addition to anyone's table.

  • African folk instruments inspired Weruzo's debut collection of objects; these vases & candlesticks have such characterful form that they instantly captured my attention. Weruzo's goal is to work with artisans offering them dignified and worthwhile projects creating pieces that have the signatures of African design using handcrafted techniques and creating modern objects.

  • Naylor Studio, 'Fine chairs, tables and cabinets. Hand made in Lancashire.' Fine indeed, my favourite of all their pieces is their handsome chest of draws made from cherry. A real sophisticated fella.

  • I don't know when I started following chefs or cookery Instagrams, but perhaps it was the same time I began eyeing up socks. But thank god I did as 'Designer In The Kitchen' introduced me to what I believe might be a new favourite of mine, the Greek dish 'Pastitsio'. I can not wait to give this a go, but for now, I can happily make do with this mouthwatering picture.


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