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I am trying to get better at knowing about new restaurants, but I still lag behind my friends. One of whom works in the industry and always has the soundest suggestions on where to go. Recently we booked a table at Officina 00, near Old Street. It was in a word - stupendo! We ordered a good deal of the menu, so I can happily vouch for the place. Exciting news for those who aren't going to venture East -they have just opened up in Fitzrovia.


The Spotlight Market has been going for a while. I have pushed it on Instagram, saying people should go. But I must admit it wasn't until this weekend that I made it there. What a boob I am for not having gone earlier, but on the flip side, it felt even more exciting to be there finally. It feels like a less expensive, younger, modern Decorative Fair. There is very much room for both, no shade on the Decorative Fair. I am an avid fan. But it was good to see these new dealers (newish) showing off their extraordinary, beautiful and exciting pieces. Watch that space, as they will have another next year. They have three a year or thereabouts.


What an artist. I can't tell you the emotions that Bernadett Timko conjures up in me when she posts one of her pictures. They mix realism with a haze of colour. I have yet to manage to buy one, but for the moment, I will settle with her exquisite Instagram.


I feel embarrassed writing about this. I am not a make-up lady. I mean, I wear the stuff, boy do I wear the stuff, but I have no professional understanding of how to wear it. I can't contour, and my going-out make-up is mascara, so you've hopefully got the picture that I don't know what I am talking about. But as a novice, two brands that have tickled my fancy are Rose Inc & Jones Road. Simple, not too thick and easy to apply. I particularly like the foundation from Jones Road & the blush from Rose Inc.


Now to a little less shaky ground. The Instagram of Architect & Interior designer Angela Liarikos. It is an ode to the beauty of Athens. Never have I seen a more convincing advertisement for visiting a city.

N.B If you are hating Instagram, which is easy to do, I suggest muting all friends and seeking out artists, photographers and designers. It's what I have done with mine. It makes for a very happy scrolling experience. That being said, the odd bit of Housewives creeps in. If you don't know what Housewives are, blissful ignorance.


Athens is getting a doubleheader. Next up is the Carwan Gallery, which was set up a decade ago by architects Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte and Quentin Moyse. It initially found its home in Lebanon, but in 2020, they relocated the gallery to Athens. They focus on 'promoting and producing cutting-edge collectible design from the Near East region and beyond.' SO far, they have introduced me to the work of Alekos Fassianos, which instantly stole my heart, so I look forward to many more introductions and, hopefully, a chance to visit in 2023.



Heaps & Woods, Founded By Louis Chagnaud and Marta Jurado is a furniture and lighting company based in Madrid which focuses on making 'Timeless furniture created for the future, crafted from sustainable materials native to the land of our artisans.' All of which I can get fully on board with, not to mention their collection of clever, playful and charming designs. If you haven't already, do investigate.


You gotta love those Shakers. They have offered us bucketloads of inspiration. One of the latest pieces I have come across is the Shaker drinks cabinet by Pilgrim House. Although the shakers may not have approved of the drinks cabinet, they would be down with the design.


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