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The Expert

I was speaking with an interior designer the other day, and they told me on Mondays, they reserve time to talk with their clients on The Expert. The Expert? What is this place? Well, I have had a good look at it, and it seems to be a wonderful place where you can pay to speak to your favourite interior designers. I could see whiling away many an hour and many a pound trying to find out about designer's trickiest clients, their biggest failures and other juicy bits of gossip. Other more intelligent people would use that time to ask these masters of their craft to help decorate their home. Even if you're not in the market for interior designer, it is a perfect way to be introduced to designers you may not have heard of before.

Adidas Purple Trainers

I have to admit the zeitgeist got me on this one. I hated purple. Hated it. Now I see lots of purples that are floating my boat, ringing my bell and getting me all hot under the collar. These purple Adidas trainers are so my type on paper. That zeitgeist never ceases to amaze me.

Matthew Cox

I want my world to be designed by Matthew Cox. I adore everything he designs and finds. The addition of The Loupe Light was the delicious cherry on top.

The News Agents

Apologies for my constant News podcasts, especially at this time when we've already had our fill for the whole year in the last six weeks. But when you have a mix of three stellar journalists in the shape of Emily Maitlis, Jon Sopel and Lewis Goodall, it is hard not to find it engaging and wanting to hear their opinions on the mind-blowing events of the day.


I know you probably have had a Canelé before; I've probably had one before. But a friend bought them for pudding the other day; my god, they were delicious. I think Canelé's on the menu for the remainder of 2022 and most likely the majority of 2023.

Merchants Table

People always ask me what I think will be trending for 2023; between you, me and the lamp post, I am not sure what is trending now. I can only say for myself - less mass-produced things. I know that is from a very privileged and self-serving point of view. But I sometimes find the amount of tat that gets put out in the interiors market overwhelming and slightly depressing. So I find places such as the Merchants Table heartening. They work directly with the artists and makers. I feel comforted by these shops. They always open my eyes to new people and pieces. I was particularly taken with the work of Charlotte Packe, Eleanor Torbati and Jo Hammond. If you've been feeling a little disheartened of late, I think even a quick scroll through this website could put a spring in your step.

(Eleanor Torbati, Jo Hammond, Charlotte Packe)

The River Cafe Look Book, Recipes for Kids of all Ages

When I received this through the door, it instantly lit me up. We all know that the River Cafe knows a thing about making a good cookbook. But this one is for kids (& me). The front is filled with glorious photographs of food and next to beautiful bright compositions; then the back is packed with recipes which are spaced out and in language that a child can understand. Although I could give this to a child in my life, I will instead hang onto it. I can always do it with more guidance on cooking. Secondly, as a dyslexic person, I find it incredibly hard to read recipes, it sounds tragic, but it's the truth. Looking through this book instantly puts me at peace, and I think I could give any ten year a run for their money in the kitchen.

House Bows

Oh la la, If you see me in the next couple of months, I will be wearing House of Bows. If I am not, know that is what I wish I were. Especially the Penis Suit. Although I am not sure if I could pull it off. I think I will have to settle on the sunflower suit and several Ritz jumpers to save my blushes.


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