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Charlotte Freemantle is one-half of the creative genius behind Jamb. The other half is that of her husband, Will Fisher. As Will puts it: " You could describe my life as BC and AC – 'before Charlotte' and 'after Charlotte'". They met at the New York Balthazar when Charlotte, a trained ceramicist, was working for Bennison Fabrics. As Will tells it, time stood still when he met her. Charlotte told him shortly into their meeting that he needed her to run his businesses, not even knowing what he did, but it obviously worked as cut to a decade later and they are married with two children, Eliza and Monty, and their Jamb empire continues to grow.

Their shop on the Pimlico Road is like no other: on entering you will be greeted by the most exquisite pieces of furniture known to man, incredible taxidermy by Darwin, Sinke & van Tongeren, and the fabric collection of the famed designer Michael S Smith (responsible for the 2010 makeover of the oval office). It's a melting pot of greatness.

The last trip I undertook before I left House & Garden was to their warehouse in Mitcham. I was gobsmacked. To see the scale of what they are doing is truly inspiring. Not surprisingly it is the chicest warehouse I have seen, so chic in fact that World Of Interiors featured it.

In addition to all of the above, I also adore Charlotte because she hired me when I was in desperate need for a job. I wasn't at Jamb for long, but I adored the time I spent there. Charlotte & Will, and the excellent people they have working there, are some of the most fun you will meet in the industry.

Huge thanks to Charlotte for letting me take up more of her time!


What is your favourite day of the week?

Before the days started to merge into one, it was always Friday. I loved it when the children got home, and we would congregate around the kitchen table for the evening to discuss our weeks.

Do you believe in ghosts?

Unfortunately, yes, as I am a complete wuss and scare easily. I also believe in guardian angels to balance it out.

Who Is the best animal you have ever met?

I need to cover the ears of the other pets, but it must be our latest labradoodle puppy, Edie. Wills says I ruin his life as I always buy dogs behind his back and I bought her in secret this Christmas. She is a complete dream and every night I find Will cuddling her on the sofa, telling her he loves her! This goes against his initial declaration that he was not going to be involved!

Best Moment in your career so far?

There have been many great moments, but in some ways, one of the most pleasurable was publishing our first Journal in 2019. It was a spontaneous, last-minute decision to create it for a launch we were doing in New York. We wanted to talk about the pieces we design and make through stories. It ended up being really exciting to produce and we did it in six weeks. It was like the buzz of bringing out our 1st catalogue 20 years ago!

Oh, and convincing Will to use airpods when on zoom call to stop him being Dom Joly in lockdown!

Favourite Restaurant in the world?

It has to be Balthazar in New York where Will and I first met by chance when I lived there, and we fell in love. Four years later he surprised me and proposed to me in front of the whole restaurant!

Favourite Book?

My father is an author and has written ninety books and still writes everyday aged 84! Embarrassingly I have only read six of them including his first bestseller ‘Goodbye to an Old Friend’ Last year Will and I were transfixed by The 'Hearts Invisible Furies' By John Boyne.

Happy Place?

in Corfu and has been for the last nine years.

More Than a Woman by Caitlin Moran
More Than a Woman by Caitlin Moran

Girl Crush?

I really love Caitlin Moran and her writing. Everyone knows not to disturb me on Saturday mornings as I stay in bed and read the papers, including her column in the Times. She makes me laugh so much and I’m concerned I have no opinions of my own as I agree with most of what she says! I am also in awe of my daughter Eliza who would normally be at boarding school; these lockdown moments has allowed me to observe her coolness.

Boy Crush?

Timothee Chalamet

Happy Place?

Corfu and has been for the last nine years.

Great film suggestion?

The French film Little white lies (I’m trying to sound sophisticated) and if that fails Some like it Hot.

What is the thing keeping you sane at the minute?

Liquorice rollies, white wine and dog walks with really good coffee ( but not necessarily in that order) And everyone we work with who do such a tremendous job keeping it all going.

A song that can always make your foot tap?

The track Green Light by Lorde


Huge Thank You To Charlotte, Follow @jamb_london &

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