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Viu Empordà
Pablo Rovira

Ah, those of us who've weathered the bleak winter months have begun to delicately sniff the air, yearning for the merest hint of summer. My own snout caught th scent of the Costa Brava. A dazzling jewel in Catalonia's crown, it stretches from the sun-kissed shores of the French border down to the vibrant province of Barcelona. But its charm doesn't stop at the coast; it spills over into the hinterlands, embracing quaint villages and towns along its journey; my focus, in particular, was the L'Emporda area. As someone with a voracious holiday appetite, I want it all. The era when basking on a sun lounger for hours sufficed has faded into obscurity; I crave the briefest dalliance with relaxation, followed by the indulgence of good food, the pursuit of breathtaking wonders, and, perchance, a frolic in the sea. Indeed, the L'Emporda has it all.

(A Gallery of Photographs From Properties You Can Rent Through Viu Empordà,

Mas Flor
Mas Flor

My enthusiasm deepened after talking to Pablo Rovira, founder of Viu Empordà, an establishment synonymous with luxury rentals. Pablo grew up going to the L'Emporda, creating a deep-rooted devotion to this place. The homes Pablo has so discerningly assembled represent a collection of the most magnificent abodes. When trolling through the site, you will find modern masterpieces, historic homes, and everything in between. This array of dwellings would seamlessly grace the pages of 'The World of Interiors' or 'House & Garden'. Pablo has tirelessly searched for genuine homes rather than the archetypal rentals filled with airport-style furniture and signs proclaiming the joys of life. Viu Empordà homes are filled with art, tiles, and comfort. They masterfully bridge the gap between the opulence of boutique hotels and the secluded bliss of holiday rentals.

Yet, while the discovery of these dwellings alone distinguishes Viu Empordà from its rivals, it's the curated experiences that utterly captivate one's spirit. Armed with Pablo's profound insight into the region, he has crafted an assortment of activities designed to delight even the most seasoned traveller. Whether it be days lavished in the company of perfumer Ernesto Collado or gliding along the coast aboard a llaut—a traditional wooden vessel—Viu is poised to craft memories that will linger for a lifetime.

A heartfelt gracias to Pablo for indulging our admittedly quaint inquiries in Tete a Tat.


Cala Joncols
Cala Joncols

What is your favourite restaurant?

It depends a lot on what I'm looking for, and it's too hard to pick just one. So I'll mention three. Cala Joncols, situated in a unique seaside location within the enchanting natural setting of Cap de Creus Natural Park, is fantastic. You can reach it by road or by sea. Another favourite of mine is called Última Parada, an antique shop & restaurant where I enjoy going during the off-season. They serve easy Mediterranean dishes in a rustic and cool atmosphere. And then there's Celler de Can Roca in Girona, which offers a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience.

Your preferred holiday drink?

I like red wine, but especially when I travel or when I'm spending the weekend in Barcelona, I really enjoy trying cocktails in special spots, like nice hotel rooftops or cocktail bars.

Palau de Casavells
Palau de Casavells

Favourite museum/gallery?

Any place where photography is the main element or the building is unique. In our region, in Empordà, there is a gallery called Palau de Casavells specializing in contemporary art. Just the location, a former mansion located in a village of less than 200 inhabitants, already worth a visit. The artwork, very well chosen, usually of Spanish artists, also captivates the most seasoned travelers.

Any good advice? Who gave it to you?

Get excited about what you do. It may sound like a cliché, but it's a great attitude and essential to achieve everything you dream with.

Favourite smell?


Villa Blava
Villa Blava

Happy place?

Many of my hobbies happen at sea. Hobbies that have become part of my routine, small everyday adventures, like swimming in the sea. It gives me a very special energy that makes me feel like nowhere else.

Do you like or dislike surprises? Why or why not?

Absolutely. Despite liking to have things under control, I love surprises. Genuine surprises take you out of your comfort zone and evoke emotions and even adrenaline.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

Rude people.

Are you a morning or a night person?

I like the night, but without a doubt, I'm a morning person. I don't mind getting up early and waking up before everything starts, whether it's for work or to go wherever it's worth arriving before others.

Do you prefer swimming in the sea or pool?

I swim in pools and the sea, but whenever I can, even if it's cold, I swim in the sea. Swimming in the pool feels good but is always the same, while swimming in the sea is much more exciting. No two swims are alike. Furthermore, if you're lucky to swim on the Costa Brava coast, each swim is truly an adventure where you can enjoy beaches and coves with crystal-clear water and diverse marine life.



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