I first came across Ambrice Miller when Pandora Sykes included her company Relic Interiors in her round-up. You can see my level of investigative journalism isn't high, but it gets the job done, and I am so chuffed Ambrice agreed to do this. She is a great dealer who has an excellent eye. I have been jealous of quite a few pieces that have appeared on Relic Interiors site. So without further ado, I will hand over the reins to Ambrice.


Inside Tangier – by Nicolo Castellini Baldissera

I dream of the days where travel around the world was as easy as it was pre-pandemic, but until then design and décor books have been my escape and primary source for inspiration over the past two years. My current favourite is Nicolo Castellini Baldissera’s Inside Tangier from Vendome Press, that explores the beauty and mystique of this Moroccan city. Each page is filled with the eclectic and rustic décor that only a place located at the cultural epicentre of Africa, Middle East and Europe could inspire. The layered interiors of Baldissera’s familial home and other design savants looking for a bohemian escape make for a wonderful read with delicious visuals.


Katy Takla – patterned cushions

As an Alabama native, gingham brings to mind summer dresses and picnic tablecloths. But give me gingham on a cushion with striped ruffle trim and I am done for the day. Katy Takla – the patterned cushion company founded by its namesake – is a refreshing take on what was traditionally reserved for #summertimefeels. I love the unashamedly frilly pairings of prints and colours; cotton candy pink stripes juxtaposed to mint green borders has never been so chic.


Paris Flea Market

If someone asked me to describe heaven on earth, I would drop a pin in Google Maps to 99 All. Des Rosiers, 93400 Saint-Ouen, France or more commonly known as the Paris Flea Markets. Considered one of the largest antique markets in the world, this antiques Mecca is composed of over 2,500 stores and stalls over 15 different markets strewn across miles of winding alleyways. Who needs the Mona Lisa when you can take home a treasure of your own? Word of advice, bring cash and even if you don’t speak a word of French (myself included) all you need to have down is the facility of pointing and saying “combien?” (how much?) while handing them your phone with the calculator app open.


Lovejoy Antiques

Mike's Amazing Home

I can’t decide what I love more: Mike’s IG story updates of his travels to Europe sourcing some of the most stunning antique pieces or the many photos and updates of his beloved pugs. Lovejoy Antiques is easily my favourite antique dealer and has a bit of cult following on Instagram. Be ready to snag some museum-quality European pieces at trade prices. But for the love of God don’t hesitate if you like something because it will be guaranteed to be sold within seconds.


No Feature Walls by Laura Hunt

Never has a single person inspired me to want to wallpaper my entire house as Laura behind the account @nofeaturewalls. As the Instagram handle suggests, all walls are created equally and rightfully deserving of heavily printed patterns. From wallpaper to carpets and upholstery, Laura’s passion for patterned everything is singlehandedly leading to the revival of “more is more” and making flamboyant floral patterns the “new neutral.” Be warned, you will be inspired to have patterns on everything, including the dog.


Sean Symington- Interior Designer

Symington is a Bath based interior designer and his breathtakingly bright interiors easily make him one of my favourite designers. Our shared love of chinoiserie and his unadulterated attention to detail makes every space from homes to restaurants effortlessly elegant. I affectionately refer to him as my favourite Canadian (he doesn’t know that).


Alexandra Tolstoy

I have this unexplained attraction to 19th and 20th century Transylvanian folk art and painted furniture. I suppose it’s the same reason I am attracted to traditional suzanis from Uzbekistan, there is a hypnotising quality to the bright colours and heavily embellished designs. Whatever the attraction, the beautifully curated folk art pieces featured on @thetolstoyedit is one of my favourite follows for both design inspiration and pieces to buy.


Huge Thank You To Ambrice For Her Wonderful Round-Up, To Follow Her Click Here & To See Her Website Click Here!