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The reigns of this weeks round up have been firmly handed over to Olivia Likosso. Olivia caught my eye with her Instagram account @renovating_cheznous, she takes her followers through the trials and tribulations of creating a home from scratch. All this while she continues her day job as a midwife, a real life Renaissance lady.


If you are looking for the perfect vases, plant pots and ceramics InBloomInHabit have it all! I came across this unique styled shop on Columbia Road market which has everything I've always wanted in one shop, from ceramics to rugs. Very pretty styles and lively shop. The variety of items is so pleasing to the eye, I will be going back to purchase their ceramic mugs, and to top it all off; they have an Esty store.


You can't go to Columbia Road Market and not pay a visit to Underleaf; they have a glamorous selection of Birds of Paradise plants, which I am confident are everyone's favourites. When I spotted these two plants outside the window; they were calling my name and the customer service was amazing. I grabbed the Strelitzia Nicolai (£56.00) and Strelitzia Reginae (£74.50). They also have the best looking pots.


I came across R&W a few months ago, and their range is nothing but exciting. I picked up their antique brass locks (£18.00) for my front living room cabinets, they are handcrafted and have a selection of five beautiful metallic finishes. To top it off they have matching hinges to finish the look.


If you haven't come across the Low Lounge Chair in H&M you have definitely been living under a rock. They currently have an amazing rattan selection. Who doesn't like Rattan?


I have a confession, I'm obsessed with glass usually confined to the walls of the kitchen this Raised Design Glass Bathroom Set is exactly what you need to complete your bathroom.


DeVOL are well known for the authentic bespoke kitchens, little did I know they have a massive antique collection which can be purchased in store; from cupboards, chairs and paintings.

What I love about the selection they have is that it is mostly unique products. This Old Yellow sideboard with great paint finish is £780.


Is a black-owned business I recently found, the owner Rachelle sells unique hand-made products from Ghana, using natural materials. Her Instagram page is aesthetically pleasing and beautifully structured. They have candles, vases, and my current favorite, June Natural placemats (£26). I love everything Beiige store represents, not only is the rattan used naturally grown, they support local businesses in Ghana.


Has the most unique and beautifully styled paintings I have ever come across.

Megan Gabrielle is an artist based in California. Her imagery mostly features women of colour. She uses vibrant colours which illustrate the women as powerful and inspiring.


My current obsession is vintage glass style lights; I came across this wall light at my friend’s house and was introduced to the world of 'Jim Lawrence! I am not exaggerating when I say it is everything I could’ve wished for.


I’ve been dying for good quality bar stools to go in our kitchen and Cox & Cox have exactly that. They offer an excellent range of kitchen stools. Their Weathered Oak counter stool (£195.00), is currently on my wish list especially if your kitchen area is small it will give the appearance of more space whilst also making it cosy.


Huge 'Thank You' to Olivia, follow her progress on @renovating_cheznous & @blackhomesuk where she is a contributor.


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