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Another week and another Round-Up; this time we have the excellent Emily Forgot. There isn't much this lady can't do; she's a designer, artist and founder of Muse & Maker - 'A home for aesthetic curiosity curated' which offers up interviews, eBay edits of 20th Century pieces (wallets at the ready) and beautiful insights into architecture and design. I was so pleased she was able to do the round-up as I think that, whilst outwardly our aesthetic tastes sometimes diverge, our admiration for the world of interiors and design aline. We are both hugely inspired by the different phases, looks and outcomes that have taken hold in the interiors space over the years, relishing the variety of tastes that have been produced. Lol, I hope she agrees.


I recently fell in love with a vintage image of some Joe Colombo glassware, so I was delighted to discover that the designs have been re-issued. You can purchase them from the Finnish design shop—definitely, a way to make drinking from home more exciting.


I'm slightly obsessed with all things Belgian when it comes to interiors and furniture, so discovering Belgium based salvage company Rotrdc was an absolute joy. You can search items via the historic building they came from or by function. The prices are very reasonable too, and they have some wonderful tiles. It's great if you love a one-off original but are looking for multiples of things like lighting too.


I think we may all have been prone to a little wanderlust of late. The French real estate agent architecture de collection has provided me with my fix. The website has a plethora of interior and architecture inspiration/aspiration. It's the place to go if you want to live in a le Corbusier designed home or, for the more eccentric, a bubble house by Joël Unal et Claude Häusermann-Costy.


One of my recent obsessions is Czech vintage, something about the pieces I've found on sites such as have a warmth and charm that can sometimes feel lacking in modernist furniture. Many of the pieces have a homely heirloom quality, particularly the deco pieces, which I enjoy very much.


I think lots of people might associate my taste with modernism and the Bauhaus, especially when looking at my own work. Still, really my taste is incredibly eclectic, and the beauty of having an obsession with design is the variety of inspiration to be found and how it might subtly influence your own creative output. I loved stumbling across a book about Maison Jansen online recently. It's all very over the top and a minimalist's nightmare, but I think the thing I am most drawn to in furnishings is personality, which Maison Jansen has by the bucket load. NB, the cheapest copy of the book I have found is around the £400 mark ... which is slightly eye-watering … fingers crossed it might be available to peruse in a library once they open.


I'm noticing quite a lot of tiled furniture lately and can see how it's potentially an easy way to DIY an existing piece you have that needs some attention. I especially loved discovering the works created by L.A based @FromWillow_ The shapes and the colours are lovely and are a unique take on tiled furnishings.


I really love finding new designers alongside historical design discoveries, and Lewis is one of my recent favourites. When I first discovered his wave chair, I seriously think my heart skipped a beat. His eclipse table made from ash swirl veneer and Formica is now available to purchase via Fels World.


Vix, the owner of Facility, is a good friend, but there is no nepotism involved in sharing the Facility's new off the shelf design, "the curve frame" I'm so happy with my one, which I didn't hesitate to purchase when they first came online. Framing feels like an area that's being pushed creatively at the moment. I love the other unconventional designs you can get, such as Benedict Foley A.PRIN ART colourful chunky frames. … The wave frame by @atelier_hjorth_rohde, and Hannah Dausch's squiggle mirrors... to name but a few.


One day I intend to be the kind of person that has placemats and napkins and doesn't offer her guests kitchen roll. When that day comes, I will be heading straight to Studio X for their placemats designed by Chiarastella Cattana. I'll go for the napkins, but the rest of the inventory is so good I'm not sure my purse will thank me. The Thonet Vienna Waltz coat hanger by Gamfratesi is already on the Wishlist too.



Balls seem to be having a moment in interiors, and I have to admit despite my attempts to avoid trends, I have succumbed. 'ball feet" is a search term I frequently check up on in my own eBay account. If you want to get on board the ball train @thecreativemuster is a shop I found on Etsy specialising in round cushions in all sorts of boucle colours; I'm also a fan of the new ball handles from Superfront, I particularly like the smoked oak ones.


If you like your homeware to be a unique talking point and are looking at ways to be more sustainable about the new objects you bring into your home Store Projects it's an excellent place to start, I'm particularly taken with James Shaw's spoons.


Henry Hollands Ceramics photographed by LILY BERTRAND-WEBB

Fashion Does Interiors

I've spotted some lovely homeware coming from fashion labels lately. My current favourites are's stripped tabouret set, hand-carved from solid teak and glassware by @biaseditions. No longer a fashion label (but I have to include) are Henry Hollands ceramics too.


Mathieu Matégot galerie.matthieu.richard

My house was designed in 1959, and although very '60s in feel there are lots of elements that feel rather 50's in style, especially the use of colour, we inherited quite a few pale yellow ceilings. It's perhaps for this reason I have developed more of an interest in design from this era. My favourite designer from this period is Mathieu Matégot. An excellent place to peruse his designs is Galerie Matthieu Richard. It is also possible to pick up Mategot's work on eBay at semi-reasonable prices if you have your wits about you.


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