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Colds & Flu have plagued my week; I am a sorry sight. But that doesn't stop me from bringing the best and the brightest products I have seen this week.

1) Let's start with one from Clare Foster, Clare is Gardens Editor at House & Garden magazine. Not only is she an expert on gardens but she also happens to be an all-round winner of a person. So no surprises that she has come up with a winner of a product. Auricula Theatre 'Handmade in the UK, these vintage-look plant shelves are crafted from FSC European pine' They can be used indoors or out, and I think them a magnificent structure. You can buy them through Buds to Seed, £135. @clarefostergardens

2) Matilda Goad bounced into the interiors world with her marvellous lampshades they caught the imagination of many and have become a household favourite. Her latest product will surely be no different. This woven ceramic lamp will brighten up the dingiest of corners, £280. @matildagoad

3) Cutter Brooks popped up in Stow in the Wold a year or so ago. I can tell you this has been the delight to many, myself included as I have for a long time spent weekends mulling around the shops in Stow. Now when walking the streets, you can see a bustle of activity outside their shop. The great and the good have popped by and grammed their visit. You can now buy the marvellous 1690 ceramics through them, what a treat that is. @1690works

4) Refound Objects is always good for a gander. Even if you are not looking to buy anything, there will be something that will grab your attention. They have the ability to finding the most charming items and keeping them at prices that leave you with the change from a tenner. These Glass Bottle Tealight Shades are the perfect addition for festive dining, £6.50, @refoundobjects

5) Proper, a midcentury furniture seller in East London. A good amount of furniture to look through at really great prices to boot. This chair is too cool for words. I'll let the picture do the talking, 1970’s Danish mid-century checked wool swivel chair, £160. @proper_stuff_

6) This week I attended the opening of Wild By Tart, the new restaurant headed Jemima Jones and Lucy Carr-Ellison. The restaurant itself was enough to blow your socks off, but they also have a shop on the side. This is where I clapped eyes this beauty by Hadeda. Handwoven in Ghana, this baskets wave-like edge is a beautiful piece, £140, from Hadeda. @hadeda_co

7) One of my favourite houses to grace the pages of House & Garden was the home of Guy Tobin; it's a real stunner of a feature. There I first saw the 'Wobble' light designed by Alex Robinson; I believe its name is derived from the effect it has on your legs. @alexrobinsondesign

8)'Cameron Short & Janet Tristram, artist craftsmen, and we're delighted to bring you 'Bonfield Block-Printers'. And we are delighted to have them! Here we have an 'Ode to the Ash’, by Cameron Short, is professionally hand-printed in England on natural linen. The imagery celebrates one of our most cherished native trees - the ash. It was created in response to the plight of this ‘Venus of the woods' (the name given to it by woodsmen of old) caused by ash dieback.' It is available to buy by the metre, £95 @bonfieldblockprinters

9) One of my final shoots for House & Garden was on tiles, a favourite subject matter of mine. I was finally able to get my mitts on Hilary Roberts Hand Made Tiles ( I sent them back of course), but they took my heart with them, there are eleven houses in total, starting from £23. @hilaryceramics

10) As always let's take a little look at eBay to see if it can supply any good un'

I thought this mirror was quite the show stopper - Vintage Art Deco Bevelled Mirror Colored Green Glass Details - £225. The shape is ace.


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