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Another week, another Round-Up:

1) Mano Mani translates as 'Hand Hands'; this is an artisanal project imagined by Julie Boucherat, focusing on the hands that together manufacture these pots. Sadly they look to be sold out; I believe that might be the case for sometimes as they work only with small quantities. But even so, they are a joy to look at, and I hope you agree.

2) Sometimes I am not sure how I stumble across images, but I found this fantastic bathroom. Boy, I am I pleased I did as it introduced me to the work of Maxime Longden. She makes these beautiful tiles as well as wall hangings, prints and delightful pieces of art.

3) Everything that Pinxton & Co does, I know will be exciting - they've got me hooked (pun always intended). This piece is from Rateau's portfolio, quite simply the best hook I have seen. Going to have to order it to go along with my Elephant. Brass Rateau Hook, £25.

4) eBay, eBay, eBay - while trolling for something completely different you seem to get lost down rabbit holes which only seem to eat away at time. Thankfully this time the rabbit whole came up trumps and introduced me to this stripey delight. If you aren't keen on this combination, don't you worry Funky Shadez has many, many alternatives, they start at £30

5) I recently did an interview, where they asked me my favourite place for Ceramics. Easy - Tinsmiths. They stock the work of some excellent artisans, but my particular favourite is French Country Pottery. Made in Burgundy and with an emphasis on traditional styles and practices, this platter is £285

6) Who knows how, but I ended up on the Homescapes, but here I am. I hope you will be as happy as I was about finding this outdoor cushions. You may be over the humble stipe, but I still love it - yellow, green, red and black (which they don't do but should). I would have all of them. £9.99 Homescapes.

7) Manafactum, a seriously swish company. When reading their 'About' section, the first line is a quote from John Ruskin, 'There is hardly anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper". Which is certainly true of this stall/ladder, you could spend your money on pale imitation. Or you could save and have this piece in your home for years. I better start counting those pennies, Cherry-Wood Stool-and-Ladder, £378

8) Dyke & Dean is an experience, I have never been to their shop, but for a long time, I have gawped from afar at their magnificent range of utility essentials as well as downright awesome bits of furniture. As I recently have become very interested (who knows why - I am not doing up a bathroom, sinks are just ace) in sinks, taps and all things bathrooms this little corner sink tickled my fancy. Also, it comes in a range of colours which just has toppled me over the edge, Ceramic Mounted Corner Sink, £550.

9) After a couple of clicks on fashionistas trousers via Instagram, I ended up on the page of La Veste. Seriously lousy move as now I have some added gems for my wardrobe wishlist, on the bright side I found out, they design lighting. Not any old light, fabulous, fun and exciting pieces of lighting. They will brighten up your home even when they're not turned on. Phwoar. I found it very hard to choose which pieces I was going to show off here, but as I want the trouser that matches this lamp I decided this guy 'The Popcorn Lamp', but they are all worth an ogle. 395 euros

10) Ou la la, Cutter Brooks has some seriously lovely bits and pieces (can't keep my eyes off the straw crowns by Nathalie Seiller Dejean) I particularly love this hand-painted table cloth by Rovere. So simple, completely beautiful, from £195


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