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Gorgeous pieces from the 30s onwards, collected in Australia and shipped worldwide.


A whimsical florentine brand with a lovely curated collection, ranging from everyday shirts to floor-length lace gowns


Wonderful brand bassed in Brussels, lovely pieces and great styling.


Excellent Instagram brand, huge variety and all purchased through a quick DM - make sure you don’t miss out.


Everyday excellence with these brilliantly styled casual essentials.


The best place to pick yourself the chunky gold necklaces for some much-needed glamour.


Etsy megastore with something for every occasion, including many dresses I’ve pined after.


Good God - a recent discovery and everything is to die for.


Glamour since 2001, the focus is on cocktail-ready perfection in this exquisitely honed collection.


An emporium of beautiful 1930s to present-day - dress, blouses and jackets if you're looking for something really special to spice up your wardrobe, look no further!

(Added by Tat)


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