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Antique Mirrored Sconce

Antique Mirrored Sconce

VAT Included

Original antique, triple candle, mirrored wall sconce. I think this would have originally been in large house. I may be wrong, but my reasoning is because each candle holder has a number on the front (65, 66 and 67), so a record of the candles could be kept, and replacement made easy. The oval mirror has a substantial metal back with two rings for hanging - the glass is bevelled and polished, and is fitted into a rim on the back. Above the bevel, the glass has been scalloped - these have been ground and polished, so reflecting the light around the edge of the mirror. The mirror is of very thick glass and is in very good condition apart from a small area of deterioration on the right-hand side. The triple candle holder is mounted through the mirror, and can be unscrewed for cleaning by undoing the large thumb nut at the rear - it is a base metal that is silver plated - there is wear to the plating through years of polishing, although it does not appear to have been polished for a long time. This is a superb item that would look great hanging on any wall. It measures approximately 30cm x 18cm.

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