Beautiful Old Persian Handmade Jajim Rug

Beautiful Old Persian Handmade Jajim Rug

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Old handwoven Persian kilim Jajim  - 195cm x 205cm

Looks very impressive on the wall as well as on the bed/sofa  
This piece is not machine made and is a genuine Persian 100% Jajim.


Antique Persian Jajim – Jajims are typically woven in square sizes and are most easily identified by their vertical stripe patterns. The flat woven kilim like carpets that originate from Iran and are woven in a horizontal loom. 


Traditionally, Persian jajims served many purposes. Most frequently, they were used as bed covers in order to protect the wearer from the cold. Freshly-made jajims were often coarse and rough to the touch, but soon softened after frequent use. Often a family would place a charcoal brazier in the center of a jajim and all sit around it. Additionally, jajim owners would often spread them on the ground and sleep on top of them. Thicker jajims were employed as horse covers, while thinner jajims were frequently used for decoration and have been prized as luxury items in Iran for centuries.