Hjalmar Lundström 1879-1963, "the small fishing village", um 1940

Hjalmar Lundström 1879-1963, "the small fishing village", um 1940

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Hjalmar Lundström 1879-1963, "The Small Fishing Village", 1940

Measures - 60 x 52 cm (framed) 


Hjalmar Lundström, born April 3, 1879  - died 1963 Swedish painter.

He was the son of the blacksmith Petter Lundström and Hanna Andersson. Lundström studied at several technical evening schools in Stockholm, Malmö and Lund as well as at the Skåne Painting School in Malmö and during study trips to Italy. He exhibited separately at Malmö City Hall in 1929 and then came to exhibit separately in several places in the country. Together with Gunnar Ekdahl, he exhibited at the City Hall in Kristianstad and together with Brita af Klercker , Willy Lindeberg and Helge Högbom he carried out a New Year's salon at the educational institution in Helsingborg in 1945. He participated in most of Skåne's art association's exhibitions since 1920 and with the Swedish Art Association. His art consists of landscapes with Scanian villages and plain motifs as well as from Blekinge and Southern Europe usually made in oil , pastel or watercolor . Lundström is represented at Trelleborgs museum .