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Set of Six Gaudy Welsh Side Plates

Set of Six Gaudy Welsh Side Plates

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A Set of 6 Gaudy Welsh Tea plates, tulip pattern, approx. 15.5 cm in diameter, all in good condition.



Since Gaudy Welsh pottery was produced by disparate groups of craftspeople, individual examples can differ in quality a great deal. What unites all Gaudy Welsh is the abstract, floral pattern the pottery was decorated in – although the quality of the painting may vary from artful to slap-dash. Because it was made cheaply, in a number of regions by a number of manufacturers, Gaudy Welsh is difficult to date and/or attribute to specific pottery. It is largely unmarked and is identifiable as Gaudy Welsh only by dint of the vibrant pattern in which pieces were painted. Also little is known about the practice of assigning pattern names. It appears that they were not given at the time of production, but were developed later and over a considerable period of time
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