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Sommer, Giorgio (1834-1914), Napoli - Psyche, Albumen Paper Print

Sommer, Giorgio (1834-1914), Napoli - Psyche, Albumen Paper Print

VAT Included

Sommer, Giorgio (1834-1914) - n. 1525 - Napoli - Psyche, C. 1880, Albumen Paper Print 


Inscription - Ed, Alinari) P. 1. N. 11129. NAPOLI-Museo Nazionale. Psiche. (Torso Greco.)
1 1040


Naples- National Museum, Psyche, beautiful Greek sculpture (Capua), No. 5103


Measures - 35 cm x 27 cm (framed) 


Condition - The paper has been marked and curled in some areas. 


Inscription at the bottom of the photo - ( Alinari) P.e I.a N.o 11207. Napoli - Museo Nazionale. Berenice. (Bronzo Antico)".


Description - his early example of travel photography dates back to the mid-19th century when increasing numbers of middle-class tourists travelled to Italy. At that time, taking photographs required considerable time and expensive, cumbersome equipment. Consequently, many tourists appreciated the work of professional photography studios, which allowed them to bring back souvenirs from their travels for those at home. Renowned photographers like Carlo Naya, Giorgio Sommer, and the Alinari brothers captured the most famous landmarks of their hometowns and travelled to popular destinations to create albumen prints for their clients. They also photographed ancient art treasures, providing high-quality images of sculptures and frescoes crucial in documenting and making art accessible to scholars across Europe. Before this, scholars had to rely on tracings or engravings if they couldn’t view the originals themselves.


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