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Out & About - Sit Down & Scroll
Out & About - Sit Down & Scroll

Published 12th January 2023

By Charlie Porter

  • Knitwear, we all love it. How can you not? It's hands down the most comforting piece of clothing. Sorry bikini, today is not your day. So if you, like me, have this immense love, I will direct your attention to & Daughters. These jumpers are a bit of magic. Not only are their fits a delight, but these fine garments are made within the UK & Ireland with yarns from those very same Isles. All in all, it's two big thumbs up from me.

  • Husband team Hugo Macdonald and James Stevens have just given me another reason to want to visit Edinburgh. Their gallery Bard concentrates on craft and design, pushing the work of Scottish artisans and artists to a global audience. If you're not visiting Scotland soon, don't sweat it; their online store is a beauty.

  • Howe, Soane, Flora Soames, Lewis & Wood & Tissus D'Helene, what a terrific line-up. I am not the only one who thinks so. edit58 and SÆ-RIMA have collaborated in making a range of conscious cushions using the fabric remnants from these titans of the fabric world. 'Patch' couples hand-stitched details with exquisite patterns, an all-around winner to brighten up your sofa.

  • Slow, steady fashion is the only way those of us who love clothes can carry on purchasing. The idea of those landfills filled with out-of-season garbs makes me feel queasy. So I would like to shine a light on the work of Coupure, founded by Charlotte Macke. Charlotte has previously worked for a high-street fashion chain, giving her an insight into the fast pace trend-led fashion cycles. So with Coupure, she has focused on using upcycled silks to make beautiful bright clothing and accessories. Enchanting!

  • Sadie Perry, founder of Mantle, introduced me to the work of her friend and former flatmate Mimi Kerpel. I love Mimi's work. It is elegant and tactile with an edge of odd. A delightful introduction. Thank you, Sadie.

  • So like Sadie was kind enough to do with Mimi Kerpel, I would like to introduce you to a friend of mine's new company. Matilda Sturley was Tat London's first employee. While she worked here, she also managed to start her lamp brand - Legato. Her first collection consists of three beautiful lamps and a delightful pendant light. Each is made and finished in London, and for every lamp sold, they will use a portion of their profit to plant a tree.

  • So this plate rack by Dundas & Howe will feature in a 'what to buy' on Etsy' round-up soon, but it could do with some time in the spotlight. I find its simplicity alluring. For someone like me who is very proud of their plate collection, this is the perfect easel for constantly rearranging my crockery.

  • So you've got the picture that these lists are a mix of fashion and interiors - Destree popped up in my scrolling path the other day, and I was instantly in love. Their delectable cropped jackets and passementerie-ladened bags have got my heart all of a flutter. If you are getting married, please consider their Yoshitomo Smart White suit. It's what dreams are made of. Well, my dreams.

  • Tat is a big fan of Relic. Founder Ambrice has an incredible eye for antiques, but this time I wanted to direct you to their new collection - Toscana. It's an outdoor furniture collection dripping with class. I know we are months away from getting into our gardens, but why not be ahead of the rush and line one or two of these pieces up for your plot of green?



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