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Tat London is an online jumble shop with a blog attached - run by me, Charlie Porter. It started in 2016 as a side hustle to my job as a stylist at House & Garden. In 2019 I left House & Garden to concentrate fully on Tat. I want Tat to be a place where you will perhaps find something to buy, but if you don't, you might leave with a bit of inspiration. I ask many different people to contribute, some with a similar aesthetic to my own & others who would rather die than have a piece of Tat in their home. I find it makes for a more engaging & exciting outcome. 

Every month we send out six emails.

  • Four of these are sent on Mondays alerting you to new jobs and events. 

  • One email focuses on the Stock 

  • The last email is our monthly newsletter which is filled with interviews, events, stock and much more! 

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Antiques Store With A Blog Attached

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