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Out & About - Sit Down & Scroll - Charlie Porter
Out & About - Sit Down & Scroll

One thing that gets my juices going is anything to do with corporate mismanagement or, even better, non-existent foundations to their million/billion-dollar industries. Theranos, WeWork, Enron, Madoff Investment Securities and my latest tickle Wirecard. Dan McCrum, the FT journalist behind the takedown of Wirecard, has written a thrilling account of his investigation compounding in the swift toppling of this billion-dollar company, which was on the verge of being too big to fail. This book is a testament to great journalism and I enjoyed every twist and turn.


Nomasei, well, they just have delightful shoes. I am terribly keen on their heeled loafers, and I am tempted to treat myself to their Adora Sandals. I have been a fan for some time, so I thought it only fair that I should share this particular fetish with you.


You may have heard of Laila Gohar, a chef in New York. Each of her dishes looks like a modernist artwork. In 2020 she teamed up with her sister, Nadia and launched Gohar World. I only became aware of this venture when I saw it in Milan a few weeks ago. It is, in a word - splendid. Odd without being a novelty, exciting without being flashy. Although I am late to the party with this one, I am beyond pleased I got there in the end.


Last weekend I had quite a solitary weekend. One of my favourite things to do with these weekends is take myself off to the cinema. I went off to see Good Luck To You, Leo Grande. A couple of stellar performances by Emma Thompson & Daryl McCormack and a hilarious script from Katy Brand. I highly recommend it if you find yourself at a loose end.


Jeffery Close, the founder of Stay Close Studios, has come up with this beautiful new coffee pot, 'This design originated while I was searching for a coffee maker that manifested the experience of how I wanted to wake up. Making coffee with a pour-over requires attention and intention.' You aren't able to buy them quite yet, but I thought I would give you a chance to be an early adopter.


You've probably already heard of the Italian company Loretta Caponi; they're pretty marvellous. But I always think it good just to be reminded of excellent companies. The thing that ignited this reminder is their lush floral bed linen, it looks so good I had to add it in. Dig it.


I am here for a good bit of marble; I've always had a huge soft spot for the stuff. So when I came across The Marble Dog, I jumped in two feet first. Their range of salvaged sinks is superb and a good resource for anyone starting out on their bathroom design.


Adam and Maria Speake, Founders of Retrouvius, have given over their newly-completed private home in Kensal Green to the Light On White Exhibition. The exhibtion consists of work by Kirsten Hecktermann, Dhahabu Ngumbao Dadu and Alvaro Picardo. It is a truly beautiful exhibition and if you want to experience it for yourself you only have this weekend to go, so speed your journey!


Artist Vicky Pylorides believes 'art should be for everyone', which is the foundation for her new venture, Greek Spaces. A spectacular online shop filled with pieces that I am already lusting after.



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