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If you like me have yet to do your Christmas shopping, this list could help. A lot of these bits & bobs are from independent shops - although I love the big guys, having my own business has made me realise how important every order is for smaller brands.

Here are some excellent pieces and not a bit of Tat insight.


1) Tranter Photograph Frame, £34.95, Compton Marbling.


2) Hardback Weekly 2020 Diary, Brown, £28, from Choosing Keeping


3) British Made 100% Recycled Wool Throw, £18, from The Future Kept


4) 'The Memphis' Medium, £12, from Herd Bags.


5) Green Handpainted Side Plates Set of Six, £90, from Host


6) Ettienne Soft Pink Ridged Earring, £55, from Shyla London


7) Give the Gift of Art with this Gift Card for Partnership Editions from £50.


8) Ocean Bottle, 'Each Ocean Bottle funds the collection of 1000 plastic bottles and stops them from EVER entering our oceans', £40, from Ocean Bottle.


9) Elephant Hook, £25, from Pinxton & Co.


10) Prep Set, £74, from Falcon.


11) Navy kimono top with painted flowers, 1970s, £50, from Lines London.


12) Chillies Necklace, £65, from Sandra Alexandra.


13) Leland Wall Candle Holder. £26, from Rowen & Wren.


14) Large Exfoliating Vegan Seaweed Block, £18, from Haeckles. (I bought this and it smells delightful)


15) Sylvia Pankhurst by Katy Norris, £10.99, from Eiderdown Books.


16) Mini Plant Shelves, £75, from Bud to Seed.


17) Isla in pink ikat, £295, from Day Dress.


18) Double Poresh Bag Blue Black Brown Stripe, £85, from Maison Bengal.


19) Socks Blood Orange Gear, 19 euros, from Bonne Maison.


20) Scallop Edge Raffia Table Mat, £18, from Matilda Goad.


21) Hold mE.U cushions by Kate Hawkins, £85, from Common Room.


22) Hand-painted Enamelware Jugs, £85, from Edit 58


23) Half Filigree Bead Cufflinks, £68.50, from Saudade.


24) Shark and Hand Pin by Macon & Lesquoy, £34.99 from Volte Face


25) Standard Bag Market Blue by Baggu, £13, from Couverture & The Garbstore.


26) Last but by no means least, subscriptions! A perfect gift for anyone, £28, here a couple of my favourites - House & Garden - World of Interiors


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