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So as you can see I am writing this round-up, a mixture of poor planning and having seen lots of things that have floated my boat of late. After writing this, I can safely say that one of the best decisions I made was handing these Round-Ups to others. I found it very hard to write this without sounding like a complete arse, so I can only apologise and hope you find something you like!


I remember Will Fisher (Jamb) talking about mudlarking, and I didn't know what he was on about. Only when I read a Sherlock Holmes a few months later did it all come together for me. Now I am an avid follower of @ex_thamesis, I love to see her adventures and treasures. She makes them into beautiful compositions, which you can DM her to buy (prices start from £45)


One of the few moments I had to myself on my honeymoon ( I think it had something to do with the Euros), I went off for a bit of wonder in Palma. I was quite hoping to buy myself a dress or two. I didn't find any dresses, but I did find Arquinesia Perfumes. A truly exquisite shop that looked as good as it smelt. And it was easy on the nostrils. Thankfully they ship to the UK!


Aaron Aujla and Benjamin Bloomstein are the design duo behind Green River Project LLC. I was first alerted to their work by a great feature in Architectural Digest, which shone a light on their project in China Town. The colours and materials felt refreshing and organic, so you can imagine how happy I was when I realised they also made furniture. Their collections are tremendously exciting due to their unique and imaginative take on classic forms of furniture.

Green River Project LLC
Green River Project LLC


Studio's, garden office's & spare bedroom's - all the things that were in great need during the pandemic, and I have an inclining they're not going out of fashion any time soon. Thankfully I have just the people to point you in the direction of - Hutsmith. I have been drooling over these exquisite pieces of garden architecture for some time, now I just need a garden, and I am that step closer.


Stella Weatherall has worked with the likes of Kit Kemp & Flora Soames, and now she's gone it alone. Not only is she creating exquisitely beautiful homes, but she has also created the most wonderful finishing touch. Her lampshades are charming and sophisticated, and what's even better is that you can personalise them, message her to find out more. (from £150)


Maude Made is founded by former World Of Interiors stylist Maude Smith. I have always been a fan of Maude; she has a unique ability to apply charm to everything she touches. So you can imagine my delight when I realised I could buy into that charm. Maude Made features tiles, cards & my personal favourite, tea towels. I bought one of each for my closest friends, and I couldn't have been more excited to hand them over.

Maude Made Tea Towels
Maude Made Tea Towels


I don't think this is news to anyone; Tinsmiths are great. But perhaps you hadn't noticed their collection of vintage Russian roller printed cotton fabric. They are a delight, and I would strongly suggest casting your eye over them.


We're carrying on the charm offensive with Après Ski, by the Barcelona designer Lucía Vergara, inspired by her passions for vintage aesthetic and handmade, traditional techniques. They produce an exquisite range of shirts, jackets and jewellery.

Après Ski
Après Ski


At the weekend, I treated myself to breakfast at The Wolseley. I love going out to breakfast; it might be one of my top five things to do in London. One thing I did notice apart from the perfectly boiled egg was the cruet sets. Lovely pair of silver-plated hexagon fella's, sitting pretty on the table. If it's good enough for Jeremy King and Chris Corbin, it is good enough for me.

Silver-plated Cruet Set, £55


Hey, this list is getting filled up by very delightful duos. This next one ain't no different, it is Eagle & Hodges (Alex Eagle & Sophie Hodges). They have recently released a range of furniture, fabric and accessories, and I am here for it. My particular favourites (apart from their exquisite range of sofa's - a little out of my price range for the minute) is this terrific green cutlery set, in the words of Alex Eagle, 'I Mean The Dream'.

Eagle & Hodges Green Cutlery Set


Now it's just getting silly, another duo, but you'll forgive me when you've had a chance to digest their work. It's the husband and wife team, Wilkinson & Rivera. They have created a range of wavey, wibbly, wobbly pieces of furniture, my particular favourite is their take on the Windsor chair, swoon.


I think Zara Home has been dominating the high street for some time. So I'm pretty happy to see someone else muscle in on their patch, enter Mango Home. Let the battle commence. So far, they have only focused on soft furnishings, but those soft furnishings are mighty fine. I've bought some for Tat HQ, currently the only thing in Tat HQ.

Mango Home
Mango Home


The well-known drinks connoisseur The Rum Runner has conducted the perfect drink for warm summer evenings - Botivo, 'British non-alcoholic aperitif, made with a human touch, produced and bottled on a farm in Hertfordshire'. Not only is it delicious, but the bottle is also an absolute corker!


I usually finish by saying thank you to whoever wrote it, but I feel the need to thank anyone who got to the end!

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