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Fourteen days until Christmas, One day until the election it's all going off around here. Time for another round-up.

Before I go on, this is a colossal sacrifice on my part; I wanted these. But I thought I would be kind and share - they are great which also goes for Society; they supply a selection of marvellous pieces, range of ages but all superb (look out for the Aesthetic Movement sofa - it's on hold at the minute but oh so good). Anyway back to the matter in hand, 'Fun collection of lyre-shaped painted cut-outs - from a fairground or theatre', £85 for each or £290 for the whole lot, sounds great to me. @societique

Bright August March lured me in with there exquisitely laid out Instagram. Their site is no different, smart, sophisticated with a touch of merriment (Pistoia Wrapping Paper - a delight) - this set of Postino glasses consists of four glasses in different colours for 500 DK which at today's exchange rate is around £57, @brightaugustmarch

Along with all the beautiful gems and treasures that Badgers Velvet has to offer, there is also this soap which I think is magnificent. Not only as I adore the word 'Filth', but also the fact that it is made in the UK & hand-stamped in their South London studio makes this top of my Christmas wish list. £12, @badgersvelvet

I feel this is slightly cheating but its the good kind of cheating, I don't know if cheating is every good, but it certainly helped me pass my French. Anyway, this is cheating as this is too from Bright August March, they have shone (for me) the light on Furniture company Tre Sekel, 'Common to all products from Tre Sekel is that they are made of the highest craftsmanship quality in City Möbler's ancient factory in Tibro, founded in 1944. The material is mostly solid birch wood, carefully selected from forests in Västergötland, Värmland and Dalsland.' You can buy two pieces of the Tre Sekel's collection through Bright August March, starting at around £400. @tresekel

Tablescapes, well they've become a thing. I ain't bashing it. It just seems as if dining room tables have taken steroids and beefed up so much that through the dahlias and place cards, it's hard to remember why you're there. Either way, I am in and will I obviously take pictures galore and upload them to Instagram. So keep em coming. Here is something to add to that attention-seeking table, Hand Printed Napkins, £14, from Allora

Gavin Houghton, I am sure not a new name to you, he is a sensational interior designer and his home in Tangier has made the red stripe. Although you may not be lucky enough to have him design your next home you could be lucky enough to grab a GH original in the form of one of this marvellous plates, I am sure you can eat of them, but between you and I the wall is the best place for them, DM him for details, they start at £90, @gavin1966

Next up, my altruism has failed me. Before I sent this roundup out, I bought five. I don't know where they are going, but I wanted them. I needed them. I am on a slippery slope to becoming a hoarder, but when they look like this, what can you do. Re Found Objects, Old Marbled Terracotta Plant Pots From £7.50. @refoundobjects

Plate racks do it for me, I enjoy the ease and depending on the racks build, they're usually a delight for the peepers. While making my way through the internet the other day I came across this bit of alright from FURNITURE 4 YOU (this is not an ad). Simple, well finished and you can get them to paint in a shade of the old FB, £289.

House of Voltaire, continually pops the perfect piece for your home on their website, whether its a 'Fuck Brexit Mug' (perfect for my pa) or a James Rigler, Crown with Sapphire, Ceramic Lamp perfect for everyone else. The jobs a good'n. Fro

m £1,000, @houseofvoltaire


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