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1) I am starting off this round-up with Printed Goods, brought to you by twins George & Raffy Greaves. This brother duo has set their talents to making beautiful woven goods, arts and some handsome rings. I was particularly taken by this 'Sunrise Throw', £160.


2) The Edition 94, has lots of beautiful pieces that will turn your head. Recently their twisted candles have become a staple on the mantlepieces of Instagram. Here is another charmer to invade your home, Hand-Painted Lucky Clover Lampshade, £60.


Le Krazy Horse

3) Almost daily I get asked about this company; I have bought a green pleated shade from them which I photograph my lamps in. Sadly the enquiries that come in are always about the lampshades. They are from Le Krazy Horse, and I am pleased that they are so beloved (said through gritted teeth). Here is another pieces which are entirely excellent, Large white lacquered metal, Danish designed, rosette, £95.46.


4) Lora Avedian is a real talent, I believe she could make bin bag beautiful. Thankfully for her eiderdowns, she has decided to use a far more appetising material, silk. You may not require an eiderdown at the minute, but your winter self will be hugely grateful - not only for the warmth but for all that beauty, Peach Silk Eiderdown - Leaf design (Double), £850


5) EO IPSO STUDIO has designed some stripey delights in the form of the Bolet Lamp; I adore the rotund body with the squat lampshade planted on top, I find them charming and extremely chic. Bolet Small, 560 Euros.


6) The rugs from RRRES have got me all hot under the collar. I want to move house just to be able to fit some of these guys. So excited am I have it has taken me a very long time to decide which one I would like to show off here, I have gone for the Inner Content 05, starting at $695.


7) Smallable always comes up with a few things that I would happily fight someone for. This week was no different; this trio of outdoor chairs designed by Sebastian Herkner for Ames, just terrific! Marcia Armchair, £1,121.


Thelermont Hupton Ltd

8) I think this magnificent monochrome light is just the thing to sharpen up any room that is one doily away from becoming a Cotswolds tea room. Thelermont Hupton Ltd has an exceptional range of things to inspire and delight, CB3 Letters £190.


9) Sorry two pendant lights in a row, but who can blame me. I think these are pretty as a picture, one in every colour. Lyngard manufactures the pieces in Stoke-on-Trent from start to finish, which I think is something to be applauded. The Campbell Pendant light comes in eight finishes & starts from £175.


Cart House

10) Back to an old favourite, the A1 Cart House. We need a bit of colour in our lives, and Cart House is helping out. Look at this magnificent Ralli Throw, its the dream and would make any bed, picnic & floor look a million bucks, Checked Ralli Throw, £260.



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