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I can't think of anything to say about this week apart from that it has been and gone. On that uplifting note, let's look at what has caught my languid eye this week.


1) The morning of my thirtieth birthday the doorbell rung, flowers? Presents? Well, it was a pair of gifts. Not some hugely expensive objet d'art for my ears. Instead, it was a pair of 6ft red plaster columns. Nothing has excited me more; to this day, they are still the best thing in our sitting room. They were bought from The Peanut Vendor whose stock continues to delight and surprise, Carved Hand Table Light & Shade, £495.


2) A valance is one of those things that you almost certainly don't know what they are until you're in your mid to late twenties. I always took them for granted, thinking they came with the bed. That was until I had to buy my own, I looked at H&M, and I found it. Washed Linen Valance, £39.99


3) Smallable, an emporium of fantastic goods. Always worth doing a drive-by to see what they have hanging around. What caught my eye this week was this charming collection of lights by Alix D. Reynis from £106.


4) Blockhouse Build put me onto this next one. I don't know a lot about paint, but what I do know is that many people are dead keen on the drying plaster look. I know it can be quite a hard one to achieve, but it would seem to me that Bauwerk Colour have pretty much nailed it (with an excellent range of colours to boot) from £13.50


5) This is a bit of a stitch-up, I try not to put the same company in twice, but in fairness, I am only mentioning Smallable again because it looks as if that is the easiest way to buy these hugely attractive lights. They are by a company called Georges, they come in several different colours, but this terracotta one for me is the winner, £196


6) People are always a little surprised by how much I like horse racing. It surprises me sometimes, but there is rarely anything I find more exciting than a photo finish at the races. So it was hard for me to resist this set of four Jockey Silk Mats from Maison Numen, £48, fear not if you are not into horse racing there is plenty to get your teeth into on their website.


7) I have been walking past this incredibly sophisticated set of houses near my home. Everything about them is good, I can only see the outside, but they have just thought so carefully about the windowsills, the hardware on the door and the paint colour. It's all great. Their window boxes are wicker and huge. I'm sure they were commissioned specially. As an ode to these houses, I thought I would add in this little fella as he a delightful piece and well priced to boot, £9.99.


8) I never know if it is useful to talk about brands which are over the pond, as I know how expensive it is to ship plus the taxes involved. But I am going to mention Lostine, as I fell for their lighting. I thought there were many pieces I hadn't seen the like of, and I thought, either way, it might be interesting in case you are working on a project, and this could be the perfect thing! $695


9) DAS Pottery, I have no idea how I came across this website, but I am so delighted I did. These series of 'cylindrical vase made from brilliant white fine bone china' are right up my street, from £20 from Das Pottery (apart from anything, I dig the name).


10) Sorry, this list has been a bit lighting heavy, in fairness to me there is a lot of great lights out there. This big brassy number is another design delight to add to the portfolio of Paola Navone, from £699, from Milk Concept Boutique.


Thank you so much for looking over this weeks round up, if you have any suggestions for future round-ups let me know -


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