Framed Screen Print, by Bob Sanders

Framed Screen Print, by Bob Sanders

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Framed Screen Print by Bob Sanders

99/200, handsigned. 

Measures - 62 x 51 cm 

There are some marks, please study photographs. 


Artist, printmaker, designer and teacher, born in Leeds, Yorkshire, but went to school in London. He spent six years travelling in America, Australia and New Zealand, studying for a year at University of New South Wales. On return to England studied at Barking College of Art, where for a time he lectured in graphic design. From 1974 worked as a full-time artist, also designing stage scenery. Sanders’ work was shown extensively around the world and is in public and private collections there, being sold by CCA Galleries. He was a pioneer in developing the technique and style of blending soft colours in silkscreen printing.