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One thing people always ask me is where to get affordable fabrics, well they actually say cheap but that word doesn't do these fabrics justice. Here is a quick round-up of all the places I go to.


Handloom Pleut, from £17 per metre, the fabric is sold by the half metre.


Yellow Washed Linen


Suffolk Large Gingham Check - Peony

£37.50 per metre.


Cotton Fabric 3 - Block printed Cypress Tree and Foliage motif

£16 per metre


Kolomyya Linen Stripe - Indigo £49 per metre.


Anaar - Woad

£45 per metre


Eston - Indigo, Cotton.

£45 per metre.


Pagoda Furnishing Fabric, Gold

£35 per metre.


Sorbus – Saffron

Price Upon Enquiry


Cloth Shop Washed-Linen - Heavyweight

£45 per metre.



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