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Marvic Textiles
Marvic Textiles

Navigating the fabric market is nearly impossible. Have you ever been to Chelsea Harbour? It's a maze of fabric, each as thrilling as the next. But honestly, if you are anything like me, you might find the prospect daunting. I don't know where to start, and I am not the person to ask. My house is primarily primary colours. So I asked people who do know, people who have most definitely spent hours in Chelsea Harbour and beyond, interior designers. They always have trusty favourites, fabrics that find their way into each of their projects. So we asked them to share one of those trusty old pals with us. You're welcome, as am I!


"I have to say at the moment my head has been turned by a Transylvanian company called “MIND THE GAP” - Erdely fabric – made of 100% natural line, It looks amazing upholstered on a sofa or made up with a simple goblet pleat for curtains. Most of the time red and green can go a bit Christmassy but in this case the added warm pinks, splashes of gold and fresh white transform the fabric into a really unusual colour explosion. It’s a sophisticated adaptation of a folkloric motif and I plan to use it in our new NYC hotel opening at the beginning of 2024 against a Stone Lime-wash Bauwerk painted wall."

ERDELY Linen By Mind The Gap
ERDELY Linen By Mind The Gap


"This is a new fabric and so beautiful. I'm using it in Greece a lot ! I love the Carmine and Sepia colours "


"Currently we are really into this scroll stripe by local (to us) fabric house Parker & Jules. We are really keen on working with local trades/artisans/makers and suppliers, so would always champion them if the chance arises. Obviously the project dictates somewhat the suppliers we use, and our other choice would be Pierre Frey, but in this instance as we can only go with a single product, it would be the above. It looks fab on a cushion, but we love it for a big statement curtain or a skirt on some cabinetry."


"I adore any fabric from Namay Samay but could never tire of their ‘Adang Matha’ striped fabric. It is the most beautiful dry silk, woven in Bhutan. I don’t think a room can ever have too many stripes!"

Namay Samay - Adang Matha, Traditional
Namay Samay - Adang Matha, Traditional


"An absolute all-time favourite fabric in the studio is the Morris and Co. Bamboo. It’s amazing that this fabric was initially designed over 150 years ago and it still feels fresh and relevant today. It goes in all sorts of schemes, it even works as an accent in much more contemporary spaces. We absolutely love it."


"I have loved Toyine Sellers fabrics for a long time but only just recently got to use them for a project of mine. The textures and colour ways are so unique and interesting making them versatile for both traditional and contemporary projects. I'd use them for every project if I could!"


"The fabric I am loving at the moment is Moma Style by Misia-Paris. I have just upholstered a bed in this patterned velvet and I absolutely love the colours and the drama. It is a wonderful statement in any room"

Misia Paris - Moma Style


"This fabric is a fun one that we are using in a project at the moment and which I really love right now. It's called Bromley by Jeffrey Bilhuber for Le Gracieux. I like the orange/blue colour way called "Breeze". I haven't actually seen it installed yet, but I love the energetic pattern and the colours, so hopefully it looks great in the room!"


"Catalano was a pattern used by Mariano Fortuny in his original tapestries and I love the whimsical twisting of ivy and vines. It's perfect for a bedroom or dressing room and I recently upholstered it on a room divider"


Patterned - De Le Cuona’s ‘Shuka’ fabric which is a wool/linen blend made up of beautiful rich and earthy colours making it a perfect starting point for a scheme.

Plain - An all time favourite fabric of ours is Design of the Times’ ‘Bogani’ which comes in a number of earthy/rustic colour ways - it’s a very textured woven fabric which is brilliant for upholstery.


"The muted deep green colour is the perfect tone for our interior schemes. Mohair brings an element of luxury and the weight of it creates a perfect balance with softer, more delicate textiles. I like how they interplay together."

Interior Designers Favourite Fabric


"I love all Namay Samy’s woven stripes. They have a timeless feel and are infinitely useful but incredibly beautiful in their own right. The stripe is a complex one with multiple different colours running through, which makes it easy to use in a huge variety of schemes."


"Decorating - like any activity that sits beneath the parasol of creative arts - is a wholly subjective process. What gets my heart a flutter, would likely have poor fabulous Rose Uniacke waking at night in a cold sweat. So whilst (to paraphrase Tolkein) there will never be 'one fabric to rule them all, and in the drawing room bind them' I know for sure that I am not alone in my adoration of this particular tissu. 'Rayure Cachemire' by Madeleine Castaing (shown here in 'vert' colourway). The doyenne of French interiors, Madeleine's collection lives on long past the designer herself. With its hand-drawn quality this fabric holds a delicate balance of stripes thick and stripes thin and a tonal yet full palette adding up to make this a versatile beauty. Easy to work into a scheme yet a stand out visual moment. Make a small frilled scatter cushion and spice up your sofa life, or go for it and wall your dressing room top to toe to be inspired every morning."


"My favourite fabric is ‘ Grace by Jasper Michael Smith- I adore the cyan colour or the original is divine"


"Mainly for the amazing quality and affordable price. The print itself is so transient and works beautifully as a bathroom sheer cafe curtain, a pillow, a throw or even a lampshade to bring some subtle pattern into a space."



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