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Modern White Bedroom With Abstract Art
Studio Krokalia Project Shot by Michael Sinclair for House & Garden

A couple of years back, during the fleeting pause between the first and second lockdowns, I had the pleasure of meeting Pallas Kalamotusis, founder of Studio Krokalia. Her flat, nestled in the area bridging Notting Hill and Kensington, was a refreshing change after spending extensive time within my own walls. Visiting Pallas's home was not just a change of scenery; it was an experience in itself. Her abode stands out as a testament to her exceptional taste and design prowess, a fact that didn't go unnoticed by House & Garden, which later showcased her home in its pages. Beyond creating a remarkable living space, Pallas has ventured into collaborations, notably with her friend and ceramicist, Freya Bramble-Carter, to produce a stunning urn collection. Amidst personal milestones like welcoming her first child, she continues to push creative boundaries through her projects at Studio Krokalia.


When Charlie asked me to do this, she said, ‘Any room’. Any room?! That’s an interior designer's dream. Any room, any scheme, no limitations… So, this is the smart but comfortable London sitting room of MY dreams. It should always start with a serious sofa and a Persian rug. I like to mix styles (contemporary and antiques) rather than mixing colours. I’ve stuck to reds and greens here as both are earthy and grounding tones and work in all light (dull and bright) produced by the London sky line!

It's always important for me that a room be practical, not just beautiful. Demi-lune tables for your tea next to the sofa, a martini table for your… well, martini... next to the unbelievably comfortable 50’s armchairs. Everything is centred around a classic, timeless marble coffee table designed in 1979 but still produced new.

I’m not a fan of over-designed or fussy rooms, a few decorative items with a lot of character, and we are all set!

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Decorative Piece For The Coffee Table - Decorative Centre Piece -Celosia Cristata

Wall Hanging - Tapestry Collection



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