Georgie and I met in our first year at Leeds University. I don't recall what she studied, so from that, you might deduce that we rarely touched on the subject (far too many important topics to get through). Her first job was for a children's literary charity, First Story & then on to Vodafone Foundation. Deciding she needed a change, she steered towards the world of interiors. She landed on the Pimlico Road, one of the more elegant places to cut your teeth. Georgie started at Rose Uniacke, arguably one of the chicest spots in London (let alone the world), where she worked as PA to Rose for three years.

Georgie's 'new normal' is the hustle; she is working several different jobs while starting up her long-awaited antique business- Curios. Long-awaited, by me in particular. Georgie is one of the easiest most glorious people to get on with, the only time you see that affable character pierced is when you talk interiors. She has a beautiful aesthetic which is not to be messed with. Hence why I'm excited for the bucket load of inspiration that Curios will provide (& Tat can leach off). It is also the reason I wanted to ask Georgie to show us around her terrific home in Tufnel Park.


I decided on my flat in Kentish Town based solely on the sitting room with its gargantuan window, high ceilings, original cornicing (painted over so many times its shape is hard to decipher, but I’m not complaining) marble fireplace, and wooden floors. The fact that the rest of the flat is fit for a borrower was of no bother.

It is no exaggeration that I moved in with only a coffee table to my name, it’s a handsome waney edge slab of oak bought from David Swanson in Petworth. The previous owners of the flat had also (oddly) left their grand piano, so for a few months, I only had these two beautiful but relatively useless objects.

As unarguably one of the world's worst decision-makers, it has taken a heck of a long time to do up, and the project is still ongoing. One thing I did know was that I wanted to fill it with beautiful pieces of furniture that either had age and history or were well thought out handcrafted items.

Everything seen - except for the sofa and bed - has been bought from auction houses, fairs, eBay, and charity shops. The arts and crafts table was an eBay find and the Gio Ponti style chairs were from Sauce London (introduced to me by TAT London). Gilbert the-one-eyed seagull sits proudly on the top bookshelf. He came from the Nunhead Gardner and I reckon he was happily nicking chips when he met his fate.

The sitting room now doubles up as an office which I’m sure is the case for most people in the world but it has meant the tv has been sacrificed, which is ok for now while Eastenders is on hold, but might be annoying quite soon.

My most treasured items are the horses hanging by the window .. they were found in a Charity Shop in Pimlico and cost a grand total of £4. They are backed on silk and have a Chinese artist’s seal. The plaster bust on the fireplace too - he’s great - if you can see past it looking like Jeremy Corbyn in a beret.

After two years of having a really 70’s kitchen, that with all the scrubbing in the world, still looked greasy, we just had a new one put in on a very tight budget. The cabinets are all from Howdens but I painted them myself in Farrow & Ball black blue and the worktops are the most incredible Iroko hardwood from Retrouvius that used to be in science labs. They were sanded back but still have so much character.

In the kitchen there is an Italian dinner service found in an auction, I think it’s the most precious set, I’d love to know who made them. They are all marked GG on the back, which I think is quite apt.


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