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I can't remember when I first came across WoodEdit, but I know it was love at first sight. How could it not be? Their range of pieces is everything I am always on the hunt for - well made, beautiful and don't break the bank. I fell even deeper in love when I learnt about the team behind this excellent brand, husband and wife, Paul & Maria. I won't ruin any of what is to come, but boy, these guys bring us the goods. Maria is superbly stylish and the pictures of her home, with WoodEdit pieces in situ, always capture my eye, so I was ecstatic when she agreed to do this Knock Knock!


I live with my husband, Paul, and 5 children in The Stables at Uppark in West Sussex. I grew up here - and after spending years in London, France, Italy and Portugal, I returned with my family 8 years ago.

I have 3 boys and 2 girls that range from age 17 down to 4 so life is always really busy. I juggle work and my children as best I can but I like to do it without help so it is certainly always a challenge and there is never a quiet moment - but I love it like that.

Having had a long career as an Osteopath, Paul decided to take a sabbatical in 2011 and embarked on his passion for boats and wood by studying traditional boat building. He honed his skills over time and fell in love with the idea of switching from using his hands to treat people through osteopathy, to using those same hands to make beautiful pieces of furniture. I have a creative background and had been working as an interior stylist - helping people enjoy their homes more and using their spaces more efficiently by making simple changes without spending a fortune. Together, we started our company WoodEdit 3 years ago.

WoodEdit is a furniture brand. I design, style and run the business, and Paul is the sole craftsman and maker. We are launching our Core Collection of simple, elegant furniture made in walnut, oak and ash wood, that can be made in either our standard or bespoke sizes. WoodEdit’s aesthetic is driven by my minimalist style and creative vision that is inspired by my absolute passion for nature, simplicity and authenticity. I also offer interior style consultations placing WoodEdit pieces in people homes, work places, hotels etc.

Our ethos is that of living authentically and naturally, thereby making high-quality pieces of furniture with longevity, timeless pieces that will last for generations. We care deeply for the environment and all our woods are responsibly sourced.

Living alongside nature is something that makes me really happy. Either in the form of collecting huge fallen branches from the woods and bringing them home or in the form of any of our WoodEdit pieces. Wood is very healing and I love the energetic qualities that each of them hold - so our Kitchen Table is so much more than simply a good looking functional piece for me. For example, Ash is associated with life force energy and creative expression. Walnut is a symbol of intelligence, wisdom and knowledge - and Oak represents strength, morale and resistance.

Photograph by Brent Darby for the Telegraph

I only use natural materials in all areas of my life, so of course, our house reflects that. Simple chalky white paints, terracotta floors, jute, linens, wood, lots of wicker and baskets and that’s pretty much it. My father’s family are of Spanish decent and lived in Portugal, and it is most certainly in my blood. Most of what we own has been collected in Spain, Portugal or Italy and my style is definitely very European. I don’t like fuss or frills. There are 7 of us at home and the only way to live for me is without mess or clutter. I literally cannot think straight if the house is untidy. I have a huge collection of baskets that are pretty but also great storage for everything, whether that is toy cars, train sets, sunglasses, keys, whatever…. Of course, I spend a lot of time clearing up, but that is what comes with having a big family and wanting to live in a simple, organised, minimal way and I love it.


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