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Pallas Kalamotusis

I met Pallas a couple of years ago. It was in that brief rest bite between lockdowns one and two. I went to her flat, which sits between Notting Hill and Kensington. Having spent so much time in my own home, it was a joy to be in another. And not any home, Pallas has created one hell of a home. Even without the haze of covid and my desperation to see something new, that home has weight. Proof in the pudding it soon featured on the pages of House & Garden. Since then, Pallas has collaborated with her friend and ceramicist, Freya Bramble-Carter, on an exquisite collection of urns while having had her first child and carrying on projects under her company, Studio Krokalia. I ask a lot of people taking the time to participate in This & Tat, but I am always pleased they did. Especially with Pallas, as I knew they would be right up my street.

To Follow Studio Krokalia Click Here &To See Their Projects Click Here


My latest obsession – is antique tapestries from the Greek islands, very granny chic. I’ve bought every publication possible to learn more about these beautiful things, and this book is by far the best. Good info, great pictures!


It’s not the ‘coolest’ of art galleries in New York, so I feel that people sometimes overlook it. Their permanent collection of paintings and furniture is so beautiful, and their temporary exhibitions are always so well curated with fabulous catalogues. The architecture, the interiors and, of course, the café are timeless.

Neue Galerie Cafe, Courtesy Of The Neue Galerie
Neue Galerie Cafe, Courtesy Of The Neue Galerie


The V&A library is a space of such beauty that working there is inspiring. It's open to whoever wants to sign up, and the atmosphere is amazing. If you need a break from work, go up to the top floor to look at the permanent ceramics collection, again sometimes overlooked as a bit old and dusty, but the more time you spend staring into those glass cases, the more you won't believe what you see!


Kate Verrion

Kate Verrion – still life painter

I have always loved painting, and I LOVE a good still life. I am the proud owner of the pomegranates! Kate Verrion's work (available from Select Gallery close to Portobello) is meticulous and layered with light and texture.


I've already had two of these made by Olivia, one for my daughter and another for a friend. Each one is unique, and it's lovely how Olivia works with you to ensure all the little details you want are included.


Monastiraki Antiques market, Athens, Greece
Monastiraki Antiques market, Athens, Greece

Monastiraki Antiques market, Athens, Greece

Monastiraki Antiuqes is an all-time favourite. I make sure to visit when I'm in Athens. I have found so many amazing things, small and large, for my projects and, of course, for me! If you go, make sure you drive a hard bargain, the dealers will appreciate you.


Queenie is an amazing specialist painter I hope to work with soon on a lovely kiddie's bedroom. I have been admiring her work and her growing talent since she started. She is also the younger sister of a great friend (and collaborator) of mine – Otis of OTZI London, a bit of a leather genius. That's two in one ☺


This apartment was photographed in 1976 for Architectural Digest, and it is truly phenomenal! I don't know how anyone could live in it, but as a piece of art in itself, it's impossible not to appreciate its beauty, opulence and just completely over the 'topness' all round.


I might regret this because it's already so busy that I can never find a seat BUT this coffee is the best coffee I have ever had, and all the people that work there are so lovely. There is also an amazing steel staircase with a rainbow heat tint (I think that's what they call it) that is seriously impressive.


Last but not least – food! - the best bagels I have ever eaten in my entire life. NYC bagels in London. Visit their bakery or do it the lazy way and get their delivery fresh in the morning, cream cheese, salmon all of it.


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