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I thought it would be nice to have someone else's picks for This & Tat. I think it probably gets a bit dull me saying terrific, adorable and wonderful all the time.

So terrific, adorable, wonderful Rémy Mishon kindly agreed to do this week Round-Up!


1) Lane Walkup - how's this for playful design. I like that with a lot of Lane’s work you have to blink a couple of times whilst your perception realigns and distinguishes between 2D and 3D. The thought of a long dining table with her Candle Drawings ($120) snaking their way down the middle suspending touches of candlelight makes me very happy. (Am also in huge support of her Snake Hanger at Individual Medley Store).

2) Grain & Knot - so shapely and marvellous, each item is individually carved by London based owner and woodcarver Sophie. Seeing the vast collection of vessels, spoons and immaculate brushes gives you a clear idea of how much love and effort goes into each unique piece. I’m a big fan of the use of spalted hornbeam too - the glory of imperfection! Though currently sold out, you can stay updated via Sophie’s Instagram.

3)The Earth Issue’s freedom fundraiser - Introduced to me through friend and colleague Emily Tobin. ‘The Earth Issue’s Freedom Fundraiser is a print sale created to raise funds for bail contributions and to support organisations fighting for social justice. In response to recent events and the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police, The Earth Issue and its collaborating

artists wish to do our part to support the Black Lives Matter movement. The Earth Issue Freedom Fundraiser features work generously donated by more than 80 artists and photographers around the world. 100% of proceeds after printing and shipping will be donated to the organisations on Bail Funds: George Floyd and the 4Front Project, a UK based youth organisation that empowers young people to fight for justice, peace and freedom.’ It will be running for 30 days adding more pieces each day. A tiny selection of the works I adore: Eric Bico & Isabelle Landicho - Padyak, 2019, Alex Free - From Good Seeds Good Fruit, 2019, Alex de Mora - Dennis Okwera, 2016.

4) The Charpoy - Owner Preneet celebrates the art of block printing with her beautiful linens for the home whilst making sure the production is ethical and the artisans are fairly paid. These hand-painted Lotus Checkered Napkins (£4.50)are a favourite of mine- a good friend to whip out at your socially distanced picnic and go on to serve you for a time when we may entertain again.

5) Granby Workshop- Granby Workshop started off as part of a community incentive to rebuild the derelict streets of Granby in Liverpool. They made tiles, handles and fireplaces to be used in the renovation of ten houses that would be made into affordable homes. Almost a decade on they now collaborate with all sorts of talented makers and designers whilst staying true to their community roots- what a place! These Encaustic Tiles (£9.30 per tile) are a great reflection of the joy they create through design.

6) Casa Cubista - I believe Tat have clocked Portuguese made Casa Cubista in the past, in fact, it’s more than likely that’s how I found them. These dinky little espresso chaps particularly delight me and have been sitting in my saved images being smiled at for a couple of months now. You can shop these Dipped Espresso Cups (14 euros each) via The Other Shop.

7)Patrimonio Inmaterial - French-Mexican couple Ariana Lhomme and Jonathan Almanza founded this company in order to preserve the knowledge and techniques of the Indigenous and Mestizo communities in Mexico- and what a gift they have given. The website is a trove of treasures. I have a penchant for baskets, so the Bolsas Oaxacas (60 euros) particularly pique my interest with their joyous colours and versatility from market bag, to vegetable storage, to impromptu sock drawer and anything in between.

8) Svenskt Tenn - I was lucky enough to make the pilgrimage to the Swedish stand alone store earlier this year. It really was a haven and such testament to its beginnings bringing colour, happiness and something different to design. Even the personality in their hooks makes you smile- just like this one. - Hook Bow, 100 euros.

9) Anemone Interiors - Owner Lia picks glam art deco and mid century items for her home but not before generously offering them up on her website. I would have wall to wall leopard print carpet across my flat if it was in my power- so naturally this rug (£1,595) sings sweet love songs to me. Her knack for finding exceptional sofas is a USP for sure and Lia excitingly now replicates these leopard rugs too.

10) Italian Delights - the first time I entered Alfies Antiques and made my way up to the Murano chandelier fantasy land on the top floor, I had my Dorothy-leaves-Kansas-and-enters-the-technicolor-land-of-Oz moment. The seed that Jayne Mansfield’s Pink Palace had planted was watered and a lifelong love for all gauche was born. Naturally, I was very excited discovering Italian Delights which although may not be for everyone, certainly ignites my old Hollywood fantasies, in particular, this marine Murano chandelier (£1,027)


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