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1) Hadeda seems to have a constant flow of excellent pieces. It was their cane ottoman that initially drew me to their website, but then I saw this fantastic day bed and I was sold. Sadly not literally as it would take up our balcony but what a dream of a thing to have a sunny afternoon nap in, Lounger in Green, £690.

2) No strangers to producing a terrific piece, Nushka, has done it again with this Harlequin Silk lampshade. A joy to behold, £230

3) Carolina Irving's apartment has been one of my favourites for many years as has her textile design Indian Flower. So it is no surprise that her enterprise with her daughters offers a range of some of the most delicious tableware known to man. I had to choose this ice buckets, as I adore them and everything that goes in them, Ice and Wine Bucket, $150, from Carolina Irving & Daughters.

4) I slid into the DMs of Sauce London this week, purely to tell them that I wanted everything on their website. I love the mix of pieces and I soon as I get some bucks together I will be hitting them up. There was a host of things that ticked my boxes, but I particularly enjoyed this Raffia & Seagrass Screen, £550 - A1.

5) Cressida Bell is a very talented woman, no denying. Whether it's her gorgeous scarves, her exquisite tablecloths or her marvellous cake decoration (please have a look they are exceptional) they all bring a good punch of colour to the world. But my particular favourite is her lamps, handpainted beauties which start at £120.

6) Casa Lopez has some of the most charming pieces on the market. I saw these placemats on Fabienne Nomibis incredibly beautiful Instagram. I think they are just a delight and I would like one in every colour, 25 euros each.

7) With a passion for traditional joinery techniques and contemporary forms, Robert Prentice (Founder of Plane & Able) aims to re-connect the customer with every stage of the design and making process. With this ethos at the centre of his work, he has produced an excellent range of furniture. I particularly love these wooden stools; they start at £125 and go to £550 for a four-person bench (lead time is around 10-15 days).

8) Through some aimless clinking around the tinternet I ended up on the French Connection Home website, I was thrilled to find this slick rick pendant light - White Cone Ceiling Light, £125

9) The wonderful #artistsupportpledge has introduced me to so many new, excellent artists. It has been a revelation, one of the definite highlights of social media. One of those artists I came across was Joanna Ling Ceramics; I think these pedestal bowls are sublime, starting at £110.

10) Cabana Magazine is a carnival of colour! So no surprises that their range of homeware pieces is an utter delight. For me, the stand out winner is this Wisteria Linen Tablecloth, £278, what a knockout.


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