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As anyone who has followed Tat for some time will know, I adore the work of Adam Bray. I site his style when trying to explain the perfect mixture of modern and a hint of traditional. His collaborations with such brands as Vanderhurd, Plain English & most recently Hamilton West have delivered a range of pieces that have become instant classics. That Vanderhurd rug will forever be on my wishlist. So when I decided to start Top Shop there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to feature Adam's shop on Murray Street. Apart from anything, it was heaven to see him. Gone are the days where I see someone I know and pretend to be on my phone - I am now banging down doors just to have a chinwag about what is going on in the design world. So coupled with looking around at his excellent pieces I was as happy as a clam.


What made you want to have a physical space?

I had been finding so many nice things with projects in mind but then not using them that my storage was getting out of control.

What is the biggest joy of being a shopkeeper?

Driving to the shop with a new purchase safely wrapped in the boot!

What made you choose this space?

I love the location, so many interesting and weird people locally, quintessential old fashioned London.

What is the favourite piece you have sold lately?

A beautiful white ceramic table lamp that looked like a sea creature.

The worst thing about being a shopkeeper?

The Commitment.

How would you describe your style?

Artists studio after a particularly productive period (or series of late nights)

Last one, what is your favourite piece in the shop at the moment?

I love everything but today I particularly the Aldo Tura picture frame.


What a great way to spend a morning, to follow Adam click here & to visit his magnificent shop click here for more details.

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