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I missed last weeks round up because I was enjoying the delights of Budapest. Completely forgetting that if I didn't do any work, there was no one else to do it. So apologies for my lack of forward-thinking & my general stupidity.

I make apologies for even mentioning it, but it has been such an odd week for everyone that I would find it hard to gloss over the virus. But I wanted to share a few things that have made me happy during all of this uncertainty. Firstly this wonderful Italian Grandmother giving her advice on how to tackle the virus, secondly this street in Siena under lockdown & third this song - ( like a real contrarian I have on just watched 'Call Me by Your Name', guess what - I loved it).


1) Let's start with the antique dealer Howard Byrom's & his company Societique, based in North Lancashire, Howard 'buys what he likes' and his pieces don't stick around for long. This set of 1940s Walnut chairs are so chic, and for £100 per chair - I think that is fantastic value.


) I agree Rattan is having its moment. Sometimes while this moment is going on, one can overlook good pieces as we have been exposed to so many bad. I am going to make a plea for this pair of beds. I think they are phenomenal - I can only imagine a plain room, simple bedding and these two looking - in my head -beyond beautiful. I hope one of you makes this dream come true and buy these two ... for £250 (mic drop/ or whatever the kids are saying) from French Depot.


3) Scumble Goosie is one of those companies that once you know about them, you feel quite smug. They offer lovely designs, well-executed and are made to order. They come in their raw wooden state which you can leave them in, or you can paint them in however you so wish. I love screens, and my imagination runs wild with what design I would do with this, £249, from Scumble Goosie.


4) Through the Instagram of Gloria González, I found out about the stripey delights of Eturel. The Madrid based company has an extensive range of stripes which adorn all sorts of soft furnishings. I thought these cushions are particularly nice, starting at 22.40 euros, from Eturel.


5) I, for a long time, have admired these paper flowers. I believe I first saw them in the home of John Derian. I knew that there would be a lot of expensive shipping to think of, so they have always been put to one side. But now The Conran Shop has helped us all out and got some in stock. They make my heart happy, from £45 by Green Vase.


6)Dudley Waltzer has always got a few pieces that I could happily rehome. This pair of 1940s Utility Cabinets is no different, 'Very simple design probably homemade in post-war Britain. The handles are Bauhaus design and can be found on lots of Functionalist furniture from this period.' £225, Dudley Waltzer.


7) Quite a lot of you may already know about Now The Ocean and I am not going to be much help more than just shining a light on their general greatness. I think their furniture is really rather wonderful, the image to the side of this paragraph has sat in mind for a long time- everything about is just right. Anyway, have a look, and I hope you like them too.


8) I was recently asked where I would buy a mirror, I haven't ever really pondered that question before, but what I came up was is OKA. Wow, you say, you really scratched the surface of the interiors world with that one. I grant you, I didn't put my detective hat on, but they have a great range, and I wanted to big up this piece, in particular, its Ondello Mirror - Venetian Blue, I love it and have done for quite some time, £350.


9)Tom Henley and Sam Kille, have been friends for years, now their friendship has grown into 'Henley and Kille'. Where they work together making furniture 'Heavily inspired by Japanese design and process joined with Scandinavian minimalism and nods to the Mid Century.' Truly beautiful pieces and this bench, in particular, caught my eye, The Nokori Bench from £750.


10) Now for something very comforting, which I think is a little bit needed at this moment in time, these espresso cups from Casa de Folklore are just a delight. I also heartily approve of them being used as an egg cups. Nothing better than egg and soldiers, well maybe eggs, soldiers and this little cup, £8 each, Casa de Folklore.


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