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Golborne Road has a special place in my heart. It was within the 5-mile radius where my sister and I would hang out when we were children up until she realised she needed a bit of distance from West London. Sadly I have yet to come to that conclusion and still head to Golborne Road most Fridays (newsletter permitting). It's boring when people go on about an area and the good old days, especially when they are in their early thirties, but I think we all know Notting Hill has lost a bit of its charm. It has gained a lot of money, but as so often happens, it's proof that charm and money aren't natural bedfellows.

So why single Golborne Road out? It's seen its fair share of flashy shops and restaurants. Some have been short-lived, others are now going to's, but a certain rawness remains. Perhaps that rawness comes from the market on Fridays, spreading itself in boxes all across the road, making it tempting picking for the gannets among us. Maybe it's the old timmer, steadfast shops and restaurants that continue in their space, no matter how expensive the area becomes, newcomers, realised there is a reason for their resilience. One of these said shops/ restaurants is The Golborne Fine Wine & Deli. It has served the area for a couple of decades now. Although it is taking up the space this week as a Cafe Culture, it could very much move into the position of Top Shop. The shelves are stacked high with delicious produce. If you go in for a coffee, it is hard not to come out with some cured meat under your arm of a portion of lasagna. But back to the in house eating- if you are a fan of that famous market that erupts onto the streets of Notting Hill on Fridays and Saturdays, you know the end to be at is the

Golborne Road end.

It is far more interesting than the stalls of TAT that you can find further afield. My favourite thing to do is hunt through the stalls & boxes. Then head for breakfast, nowhere better than Golborne Deli & Wine Store. I am by no means the only person who has figured out this winning combination. It is packed, and even in the winter, you are lucky to get a seat outside. But once you're there, set yourself up with a perfectly made coffee and a real winner of a breakfast. I've delved into their Big Breakfast on my most recent visits, which I can confirm is a Big breakfast. I've also flirted with their feta & avocado on sough dough, delicious. All I can say for my part is if you want to go somewhere that feels like your food has been well looked after, served to you with Italian finesse and with the added excitement of the market - this place is for you.



Sunday - Tuesday - 7:30am–8pm

Wednesday - Saturday - 7:30am–10pm


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