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I am not sure what I missed more, my family or restaurants during lockdown. Perhaps my family, but restaurants were a damned close second. I love them dearly; I love menus, I love being brought food, and I've come to really enjoy the interiors of restaurants. They can be old or new, but I always find something to admire. In London, we are so blessed with so many fine establishments that I thought I should begin a new task of taking photos and talking to the owners of some of these eateries. I say restaurants, but they will come in the shape of cafes, pubs, sandwich shops - anywhere that can serve you something delicious and is easy on the peepers.

I'd had this idea some time ago, but it took me to see Norman's to get me going. I passed it one day when I was delivering some Tat. I could tell instantly it was my sort of place from the red and white colour scheme and checkered floors. Its menu consists of many things under £10, one of which is the 'Set Breakfast 2: Bubble N Squeak, Egg, Beans, Hash Brown, Grilled Tomato Toast & Tea/Coffee, £7.50'. This could not tick more of my boxes, and what makes this 'celebration of British cafe culture' so special is the brains behind it - Richie Hayes and Elliott Kaye. They met while working in some of the finest restaurants in London. They have combined their knowledge of food for their love of the iconic British cafe to create this delight of a place.


What is your favourite thing on the menu?

We make a muffin with a Sausage patty, Egg, Slice of Red Leicester cheese, hash brown and house-made brown sauce that's up there.

We also run a fish and chip night on Thursdays and Fridays so the Fish and chips would also be a favourite.

Pictures Of Normans Excellent Food From Their Instagram

When did Normans open?

We opened up late November. Takeaway only due to the pandemic, then outside in April and then fully in July!

What makes Normas so special?

We use good produce throughout the menu. We are affordable and we make everything in house.

You can also get a fry up and good coffee for £8.

What made you choose Tufnell Park?

We got asked to look at a space here and loved it.

What was it like opening in lockdown?

It gave us the chance to get to know the locals well. It just felt like an extra-long soft launch.

Huge Thank You To The Wonderful Normans, To Follow Them Click Here & Visit Them At -



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