Hey, I know it's early but what else are you going to do. All these places have a terrific range of items, the below are just examples.

I saw an Instagram post recently that said 'Instead of boosting Amazon's profits, you could ask friends and family for a voucher for a local business - bookshops, restaurants, salons, cinemas, craft stores, arts venues. Whatever you're into. Hopefully, we can help them still be here next year.' I thought that was a neat idea.

Akojo Market

Koo Koo Throw in Cirrus Blue by Boon & Up, £95

Choosing Keeping

Blue Mochaware Ceramic Pen Pot, 'Seaweed', from £65

Shop Floor Project

Bull Mask Platter by Claudia Rankin, £475

Partnership Editions

Gift Card, from £50

The Lacquer Company

Small Etienne Tray, £175

Pollocks Toyshop

Gift Box D, £35

Rowen & Wren

Cleeve Market Basket, £28

The Future Kept

Relax & Unwind Gift Set, £26

Pinxton & Co

The Rateau Hook, £25

Our Lovely Goods

Self Care Gift Box, £62

Simone Ida London

Georgia Droplets, £50

We Are Nomads

Teal Ceramic Cup, £15

Bonne Maison

Socks Dark Rosette, 19 euros

Beiige Store

June Natural Large Basket, £99

Couverture & The Garbstore

Yoro Park Puzzle, £30

Sebastian Cox

Hewn stool making

workshop gift voucher, £125


Chopping Board (Small), £85

Matilda Goad

Trellis Planter, Yellow, £65

Cutter Brooks

Handmade Egg Cups by

La Tuile a Loup, £25

Host Home

Absinthe Laurent Match Strike, £34


Clear with an orange rim round jug, £28

Eesome Jug

French Jug, £65

Studio Artificer

Three-hour private throwing

lesson for two people, £120

Carolina Irving & Daughters

Chita Green Stripe

Serving Platter Small, $80


Pyjamas in Mughal Flower, £95

Bud To Seed

Mini Plant Shelves, £75


Nairobi Earrings Soft Green, £58

Re Found Object

Giant Box Of Matches, £29.95

Creative Wardrobe

Virtual Wardrobe Appointment, £90

Alice Palmer & Co

Hesketh - Scrunchie, £105