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The Lacy Gallery, for me, is similar to The Lacquer Chest. It is a shop I have grown up with. Always there, always making your walk that bit more interesting. I have been going in with my mother for many years, but only just remembered that I have already bothered David with some inane questions before; thankfully I think the below are a little more useful. The first ones were me trying to get a quote for some frames; I had set myself the title 'Frame Hungry' for a second-year university essay. Whilst it was meant to express the importance of frames to a gallery, I must admit that I set it largely because of my partiality for a good pun. I had very little actual understanding and the subject and was far too lazy to gain any real insight. I can imagine David thought me an idiot, and he wasn't far wrong. This time I put my best foot forward. Well, I suppose we'd have to ask David. Either way, as I did with the Lacquer Chest, I delighted in wandering around the shop. It's something of an icon in Notting Hill. While the other shops in the area have turned Westbourne Grove into a very expensive & somewhat generic street, The Lacy Gallery remains, keeping a bit of the old glamour that made so many people fall in love with the area years ago.


When did you open the Lacy Gallery?

The business started on half a market stall on Golborne Road in

1960 by my father, Colin Lacy. Moving to a whole stall on Portobello Road, and in the late 60s, we started sharing a shop. In 1974 we took out a 21-year lease on a shop in Ledbury Road. Until we eventually bought the current shop on Westbourne grove 33 years ago.

Do you have a favourite piece in the shop at the moment (or something you have sold recently)?

I have lots of favourites frames. I like early Italian and Spanish frames also 20th century carved frames by a maker called Bouche. Who made frames for Picasso in post-war Paris.

What is the biggest joy of being a shopkeeper?

I like the joy of not knowing what is going to come in next. Hanging the gallery rearranging the window or displays. It is constantly a work in progress.

The worst thing about being a shopkeeper?

Business rates always going up and as the area has got smarter the big brand shops that can absorb the rates bill easier.

Why Westbourne Grove?

Always living and working in the area. Westbourne Grove is great I walk to work every day.

You must have seen the area change hugely since you first opened, what is the biggest thing you miss about the old Notting Hill (if anything)?

There is no denying that the area has changed. But the market during the week and the Friday / weekend market. Still gives the area a unique flavour.

I find the shop window brings in new customers all the time. Some people love what we do and others think we are Mad.


020 7229 6340

Opening Hours -

Thursday 10am–5pm

Friday 10am–5pm

Saturday 10am–4pm


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