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You may remember earlier in the year, Jasper Fry and I travelled to Germany to photograph Schloss Schönow. We were able to do this with the help of Berlin-based photographer Milena Villalón. We had a wonderful two days together, not only seeing the extraordinary castle Schloss Schönow but getting to know Milena and learning more about her work.

She has been kind enough to share her recent photographs of her trip to Eygpt as a photographic journal.

To follow Milena, click here & to see her website click here.


lamp old winter palace luxor Milena Villalon
Detail of an original lamp in the Old Winter Palace, in Luxor. One historical hotel from the golden age of Egyptology, located produly on the East Bank of the Nile

Old Winter Palace Luxor
Hall at the Old Winter Palace, Luxor. After reading about the story of the place and being highly recommended by a friend, it was on my top list to discover it. Also because it served as a location for the film "Death on the Nile" from Agatha Christie.

Old Winter Palace hotel, views from the garden. The gardens are also worth a wander, laden with palm trees, fountains and flowers everywhere. A complete oasis from the chaos of the city outside.

A detail of a crooked lamp in the Old Winter Palace. I love finding imperfection in all the perfection and glamour of the place... it made it more real and sweet.

Lobby staircases at the Old Winter Palace. It was a bless to walk through them early in the morning, covered in sunlight.

Room in the Old Winter Palace, preserving all the traditional furniture, luxurious red carpets and chandeliers. To go to the breakfast, you had to pass by this amazing room, it was hard not to be late.

Details of one of the many paintings of famous residents, royalty and officials.

Tarboosh hats hanging near the drawing room, at the Old Winter Palace.

Regular room at the Old Winter Palace, with perfect views to the West Bank.

Another historical gem, this time in Alexandria: the hall of the Old Windsor palace, located right in front of La Corniche and very close to the famous library of Alexandria. Built in the golden era.

Another corner of the Old Winter Palace, close to the lobby area, perfect for resting a bit after all the chaos in the streets!

Details of the room in the Old Windsor Palace, Alexandria. Built in 1906 it is the oldest hotel in Alexandria.

Room at Old Windsor Palace before Sunset

Detail of a painting at the legendary Cafe Farouk in Alexandria. King Farouk spent all the money from Egypt in his last days in Montecarlo, Italy

Details of the Alef Gallery, a magical furniture store with interior designers in the district of Zamalek

Alef Gallery

It was a labyrinth, filled with so many beautiful rooms and corners

A facade of an old maisonette in Zamalek, Cairo

A hidden old middle - class house inside of the Bab al- Futuh, one of the three remaining gates in the city wall of Old Cairo.

One of the corners at this huge hidden house. located in Old Cairo.

18th Century House Old Town, Cairo

I remember I payed 15 euros (with a drink included) just to get inside the historical hotel and see where Agatha Christie wrote Death on the Nile. I tried not to get drunk and photograph all the corners and details of this magical place. This is the terrace in the front bar, you can see the sunset on the Nile from here. No one was there as the temperature was 45 degrees.

Terrace at The Old Cataract Hotel

Original painting in the lobby bar, Old Cataract Hotel

Entrance to the Old cataract Hotel, Historical British Colonial Hotel, Located on the banks of the River Nile, Aswan . It opened its doors in 1899.



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