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I thought I would give some space to Sea Soul; they are one of my favourite accounts on Instagram. Kris & Niko offer a rest bite to the daily pavement trodding and traffic sounds that accompany my life and I assume, many of yours. Their lives seem filled with sapphire blue seas, preparing delicious-looking meals and exploring. Wanting to know more, I ask Kris to write a description of her last week, which whisked me away for a magical moment. I hope it may do the same for you.

To follow them & keep abreast of their journey, click here.


Turkey On A Boat

by Kristina Avdeeva, Sea Soul Diary

We met with girls in Turkey for the very first time. In a team of four, we planned to spend a week alone with the sea and sails. It seems not easy for strangers to find a common language and become good friends in such a short time. Yet years of experience prove that a yacht is a catalyst in human relationships.

Surrounded by incredible nature, we lived each of these days as one little life without any schedule. June pleased us to be more comfortable than normal. The air warmed up just to 30 degrees Celsius, and it is not too much. But sometimes, such a hot wind blew, as if someone point a hair dryer in your face, so to come to your senses, jump to not yet warmed seawater perfectly helped. In the dawn rays we climbed to the nearest peaks in a bay, we saw turtles, shooting stars and the birth of the new moon. We swam naked, enjoyed unity with nature and did not deny ourselves anything to eat. Turkey is the place where it’s hard to refuse bread from an oven, delicious mezes with eggplants, zucchinis and peppers, salads with fresh vegetables, especially those juicy tomatoes and of course grilled grouper or tandoor lamb as a main dish. This is an ordinary dinner in a seaside restaurant, but it’s only one drop from the ocean of Turkish cuisine. But how could we blame ourselves if there is such beauty around?

We cooked a delicious breakfast onboard, cleaned up the boat and dived into the world of sailing with great pleasure, taught the wind directions, learned sea knots, trained to set sails and practised mooring. No whining, no tears, only strength and desire to learn something new and test themselves. Girls were interested, and I am always inspired by the eyes of a person thirsty for knowledge and experience. We promised each other to meet on a boat again in one year, no matter where, but together.


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