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Learn something new this Autumn! These courses offer up the exciting opportunity to hone a new skill and find and discover new talent.


During the week-long course, you will learn how to perfect your painting skills, from building your skills to render portraits historically to building up your own style of contemporary portraits. Throughout the course, you will be using life models as reference as you create a piece, starting from sketching and building on this technique to ending with the use of oil paints.

Price: £1,900


Have a piece of furniture you've been wanting to fix up for a while, here is the course for you. Over 18 weeks, take in your own piece to fix and upholster whilst adding to your skill set. You will learn techniques, stripping down, removing fabric, and reupholstering, but also modern techniques and more.

Price: £1,030 incVAT, by booking online, you secure your space with a £250 deposit.


Come along to be taught by the creative Sarah Le Breton, who as you weave your own willow medium basket will also teach you about the willow basket-making heritage. Sarah has experience since 2006 running her own business with willow sculpting and basketwork.

Price: £112


Learn from a specialist decorator with over twenty years of experience, Jo Poulton. You will learn how to grain woodWorking will all ranges of wood from Burr Walnut, Mahogany, Oak, Birdseye Maple and more. Please note this course is aimed at people who are decorative professionals or want to join this profession.

Price: £420


This course is perfect for beginners or intermediate makers. This course is taught by James Roberts, who works at Skandihus, teaching taster classes and also courses at De Beauvoir. Over the six weeks, each week you will learn a new technique from wheel-throwing, hand-building, surface decoration and glazing.

Price: £220


An online course with step-by-step support from teacher Florence Dwyer, which is ideal for people beginning in ceramics. Through the six weeks, you will learn different techniques, from mould making, casting, slab building and sculpting. Alongside learning techniques, you will be using inspiration from the V&A Collection. A bonus for this course is you will learn about the history of the collection with talks by World of Wedgwood experts, V&A South Kensington and V&A Wedgwood Collection.

Price: £260


Tess Newall's workshop will run from 10 am till 4pm, during which Tess will lead guests through a decorative painting project of your choice. Tess will outline the process and introduce techniques before guiding guests in sketching out their designs, practicing motifs and painting a piece to take home and treasure.

Price: £150+ Item you choose to paint (Ticket prices vary depending on items selected)


Through this online art history course, you will gain an understanding from experts who will teach you about Renaissance art and sixteenth-century artists, including Titan, Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. This course will be through lecture recordings & notes, presentations, study materials and additional study materials. You can watch the lectures back in your own time from the recordings or tune in at the times selected for the 40 hours of study.

Price: £395


Learn the history of textiles and how archaeology has helped the condition of each piece of past time textile last longer. So that we can learn from the textile skills and techniques of the ancestors of the world. This course will span over twelve weeks online with world-class experts, you can tune in live or watch whenever suits you.

Price: £395


Discover the ever-evolving role of the costume designer, spanning from silent films to the current age. This role plays a crucial part in the filmmaking world. throughout this course, you will explore the iconic characters created and see the transition of this role through the last 100 years. Revealing the importance of the partnerships between designer to actor and designer to director to help the characters come alive, examples of Marlene Dietrich and Alfred Hitchcock.

Price: £120


Taught by the incredible Speronella Marsh, founder of Hare’s Tail. You will explore and learn the art of block printing, through printing techniques and hand carving, beginning on paper and moving into your own fabric. Finally, Master The Art will turn your patterned fabric into a cushion for you and return it once ready.

Price: £160


Through this evening lectures course, you can choose from completing all 10 weeks, or either choosing the first 5 or the last 5, both exploring different parts of history. You can see the works of Marina Abramović, a performance artist. This course explores from classical to modern, the connection between art and performance. The first half of the course will focus on the Greek time up until the turn of the 20th century. Moving onto the second half of the course, which focuses on the 20th century up until the 21st Century. Each week there will be a different speaker focusing on a specific period in time.

Price: £480 Full Course / £290 Half Course


During this course, you will understand how to use workshop equipment such as power and machine tools. You will also learn hand skills, an electric hand-held router, a chisel morticer, a machine sander and more. Each session is led by a teacher who will provide you with one-to-one help. By the end of the course, you will have made a small oak table.

Price: £320


Master of the Art will provide you with a frame to work on during your course, which you can take home once you're finished. The incredible techniques you'll learn will be layering and burnishing gold leaf, water gilding and much more. Plus you receive lunch and afternoon tea each day of the course.

Price: £485


Quilting Retreat Weekend With House Of Quinn, Julius Arthur, 14th - 15th October, 11 am - 4 pm, Kindred House, Margate

Through this two-day course, you will be taught by the Founder of House Of Quinn, Julius Arthur. On Day 1, you will learn how to patchwork and applique, which will use second-hand clothes or any fabrics you have a connection to. On Day 2, you will learn how to make your patchwork into a quilt, by preparing, layering and finishing. You will do this by creating straight and organic shapes and lines then moving on to the finish and binding ready to take home.

Price: £240


During this course, you will leave with two different hand-woven passementerie designs, which will be on a frame loom. As Passementerie is making trimming, braids and ribbons. This workshop is great for beginners, you will learn how to weave and create your own colourful and textured designs.

Price: £165


This workshop is a guided lesson on how to create your own gathered silk sari lampshade with Chloe Jonason. Materials will be provided for the day, with making kits, sundries and fabric, but also a little lunch and refreshments during the day.

Price: £205


Join Mary Bullock for a one-day course to make a beautiful cushion at Master The Art. There will only be 4 or fewer people attending the class, so you will receive great one-to-one advice during the day. Bring your own fabric that will cover a 20'' feathered filled cushion, which will fit in perfectly for your own home. This workshop is beginner-friendly.

Price: £130


Go along to East London Printmakers to explore hands-on how to use UV exposing, traditional etching and digital imaging software to learn the etching process. As well as using Photoshop to expose A5 digital positives and to see the final results.

Price: £215


Through this course, you will gain knowledge about Indian printing and learn the process that Louisa Loakes takes when she block-prints onto fabric to create her own designs. You will draw your block ideas on paper before moving on carving this into your linoleum block and finally testing the ink rolling block onto fabric. Where you will be able to play around with patterns to see how each sequence changes the final outcome. You will have a long piece of fabric with your repeated pattern to take home. All materials are included.

Price: £145


Through the weekend course, you can take part in debates and discussions on the topic of the Impressionist movement, which you will learn through the Royal Academy's exhibition. You will learn from experts, curators and art historians and discover the artists who created the sensation of the time. Also exploring the impression that women Mary Cassatt, Eva Gonzalas and Berthe Morisot had.

Price: £420



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