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Out & About - Sit Down & Scroll
Out & About - Sit Down & Scroll


Since the pandemic, I have found it very hard to organise social events in the evening. You want to go to dinner with me before Friday, good joke. I'd always instead be sitting watching TV. I know its no way to live your life. But it does mean that I have a few tip-top TV tips for my fellow recluses.

The Navalny film, if you have yet to watch this - I implore you to give it a chance. Even if you are not interested in Russian politics, the bravery of this man, his family and the people around him is worth two hours of anyone's time. His wife Yulia, her valour and quiet resolve, completely stole my heart. The documentary also feeds into my love of the Bellingcat and in particular, Christo Grozev.

Friends suggested this to us, it's on Apple TV, and it is a great little watch. We all love seeing Gary Oldman on our screens, but what about Gary Oldman and Kristin Scott Thomas. A recipe for TV delight! It has spooks, action and a good few laughs. I think you can also wangle Apple TV free for seven days, so there is a bit of binge-watching on this one.

This is just a bit of comedy gold. Well, for me, it is. I might be in the minority as the Sun has highlighted Twitter comments that call it a 'What a waste of the license fee.' As one of those who happily pays the license fee, I was pleased as punch to see this on our screens. If you hadn't guessed, this is on the BBC. Ditto for Navalny documentary.


I went to The Decorative Fair last week, and to say I enjoyed it would be an understatement. Annoyingly for the sellers, I wasn't going to buy these Tat pockets are very shallow. But to see the range of pieces collected and the effort put into the stands is a well worth way to spend a couple of hours.


One thing I would like to highlight from the fair was the work of Lucy Naughton, represented by Street Marburg. Her work was selling so fast that it barely had time to be hung. One of my very clever friends bought 15, and to say I couldn't have been more jealous is a colossal understatement, 'very clever, well done, lucky client', through gritted teeth.


Even a pavement trodding city dweller like myself has sensed that there is a revolution in the way we think about soil. That being said I wasn't 100% what that revelation involved, so I was more than happy to receive The Land Gardeners new book Soil To Table. They explore the link between the health of our soil and what we eat, 'Filled with ideas and wisdom about how to care for your soil, with recipes from chef Lulu Cox.' A joyful read filled with a bevvy of fascinating people and delectable recipes.

Sexy Sofas

An odd title I grant you. But I have to admit I find the three sofas below incredibly sexy. There are so many awful ones on the market, and believe me, I keep an eye on these things. But here are the three that caught my eye and my heart. I am not saying I will be able to afford them any time soon, but I enjoy that they are out in the world.



I beg you to spend a little time on the website of Roberto Gerosa; his projects are filled with life and frivolity. It's hard not to feel a bubble of excitement looking through the pictures. While you are there, please have a browse of his lighting. Talk about life; these lights are packed with character and really cheered me up.


Thank you, excellent Kate Dyson, for putting me on to Mark Betty, whose lamps and lampshades I would like to direct your attention. His website features three incredibly handsome lamps, and with them you have a choice of 12 made to order lampshades (which you can order by themselves). The lampshades are sculptural, chic and unique. Really exciting stuff, and I hope you agree!


I came across Simuero the other day and loved their twisty, beaten form. The necklaces, rings and earrings all have pizzazz. I feel I will be treating myself any day now to one of their Boya rings. How generous of me.


Last by no means least is the collaboration between The Conran Shop and Collagerie. Their capsule collection is filled with colour and excitement; no surprises there as Lucinda Chambers and Serena Hood know about these things. Already the pieces are flying off the shelves. We all need a dash of colour in our lives, and these pieces will do just that!



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