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So as you can see, this is out and about and sit and scrolled. I think it's pretty self-explanatory how I have come across the below.

Every other week, I will share a few things I have seen and thought were pretty cool. Unlike a lot of Tat, it won't be interiors focused but I am sure it will sneak in.

  • I have had bad luck lately picking hotels, so I was a little gun shy when I turned up at Hôtel des Academies et des Arts. But no need. This place was well priced, with a delightful design and charming staff. It also was throwing distance from La Coupole, one of our favourite restaurants. We ate oysters, drank martinis and finished with a glass of champagne and profiteroles. You're welcome to have a carbon copy of our evening; it was A1.

  • I seem to tap tap tap away when I come across one 'Luke Hannam sketchbooks' pictures on Instagram. I find them satisfying and, at points, very moving.

  • I've wanted to visit Georgia for some time, but while plans are in flux, I will make do with Ori's beautiful pottery, based in Tbilisi. These tiles, lamps and cups sold through IOTA are sublime and have real charm. I have to say that goes for all of IOTA's pieces, they have delighted me in the curation.

  • I've never been chic on the beach, but I am one of those people for whom capitalism has worked wonders on. I constantly think that just one more purchase will bring me a step closer to that beach babe in my mind's eye. So, when I finally get my hands on one of the Catzorange bags, get ready to say hello to chic as you like CP.

  • The other day I thought to myself, you know what I'd like is a pair of fisherman sandals. How smart, what an original idea; gosh, you will stand out this summer. Sadly moments later, I googled Fishman sandals and realised that I'd been taken in by that darned zeitgeist again. Well, either way, it would seem it's another trend that I am buying into, although not for a while, as I will have to save up to get an extra special pair from Hereu.

  • I honestly couldn't give two figs about the practicality of these glasses, I think they look splendid - Keef Palas.

  • Ola Kawalko and Adrián Martínez Marí founded Accidente con flores in 2017, they spend their time between Ibiza and Mallorca. The values behind Accidente con Flores are environmental consciousness, sustainability, quality, and social responsibility. With these principles at the core it makes me enjoy their pieces even more. Hard not to when you are looking at this level of charm.

  • I am a sucker for simple gold and silver jewellery, so Studio WY is just my ticket.

  • Last but by no means least, In the midst of what is happening in Ukraine, it is easy to focus on one atrocity at a time. The Daily put together a beautiful podcast about girls in Afghanistan who dream of returning to the classroom. It's incredibly sad and inspiring. These girls have such a thirst for knowledge that they risk their lives to learn at home. It was very well put together and without doubt worth a moment of everyone's time.



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