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Dohm Ceramics
Dohm Ceramics

I'm constantly amazed by ceramicists' ability to create interesting, practical, beautiful pieces from a lump of clay. Whether they focus more on the form of the object, the practice to create a particular surface or the colours in the glazes, they're all unique and their work is an art form.

We've compiled a list of 10 amazing ceramicists who use their work as a creative outlet, enjoying the meditative practice of working clay.

Artist and designer Blue Firth is the ceramicist behind Dohm Ceramics. Focusing on intuitive design, sustainability and care, we love the movement of the paint strokes on each of the pieces, which serve as a reminder that each of these are unique. Blue also hosts the podcast series, A Common Craft, that focuses on witchcraft and rituals for business and individuals.

Blue’s Tudor Cup and Kingfisher Mug are a delight - glazed with rust, cornflower, panna-cotta, honey and gloss black.


Instinctive and natural are the words that spring to mind when admiring Tutu Arel’s ceramics. Tutu has an intuitive understanding of form and has said she takes her inspiration from ‘mother earth’. This really is evident in her works, which are both practical and abstract in neutral, earthy tones.

Tutu recently collaborated with designer Matilda Goad to create a limited edition collection of candleholders, which are beautiful.


Pip Hartle is a British ceramicist who specialises in hand-thrown stoneware ceramics, with function and every-day use at the heart of what she makes.

We adore her most recent collection, which is raw, earthy and inspired by textile patterns and landscapes from around the globe.


New York born ceramicist, Danny Kaplan searches for a quintessential blend of beauty and utility within this collection of table lamps.

Danny’s work is meticulous, with smooth, defined edges and corners, the simplicity of the finishes are complimented by the creativity of the designs.


Norwich based ceramicist, Emily Mitchell’s ceramics are playful, incorporating slip dots, pinched handles and twisted rope-effect clay to create original pieces.

Part of the collection is also hand painted - with paintings such as thistles, sandcastles and coral detailing the ceramics. The result is delicate and very pretty.


Interior designer by trade, Kate Monckton uses her spare time to indulge her passion for pottery. Her fun designs incorporate decorative balls of clay that detail her practical products. Every single product is unique as they are all hand-built, but we particularly love her white fruit colander.


I’ve been a fan of Modern Potter for some time - their skill in throwing is so polished and yet their work is still natural and beautiful. Their pottery is an appreciation for what is simple.

The Modern Potter describes throwing as ‘being completely present and immersed in the connection between you and the clay’ We particularly love their flecked stoneware.


Grey Remedy is a ceramics brand by Melissa J. Chin, who is a designer, artist and writer based in Chicago, USA. Her ceramics showcase minimalist designs that are functional and bring a simple beauty to everyday routines.


With family at the very heart of her work, Sophie Lowenna creates functional and natural ceramic products in Porthleven in Cornwall, which has been home to her family since 1769.

Sophie’s pottery encapsulates the earthy tones of the area of Porthleven, which is a large inspiration for her work.


Cristina di Paola’s exclusively wheel thrown pots are reminiscent of the Suffolk coastline, designed to be picked up to appreciate the different weights, surfaces and textures.

Through layering glazing and adding a third lustre firing, Cristina adds accents that hint at natural surfaces evoked by the tumbled pebbles of her local beach.


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